'The Hateful Eight' Will Have 2 Different Versions Because Quentin Tarantino Loves Us

Hello, movie fans. You know how Quentin Tarantino's The Hateful Eight has a trailer, and also a release date, and also an all-star roster, and also everything that fans need in order to get excited about the movie that has been in development for way too long? Yeah, it turns out the movie has even more than all of that. "But what more can a movie possibly have?" you may be wondering, as you also wonder if I'm sick and you need to start mailing me some chicken soup for this fever. No, I am not sick, my friends. As it turns out, there are two versions of The Hateful Eight that are coming to a theater near you. It's like Tarantino said, "You're going to love this movie, so let me give you even more of this movie to love."

"The roadshow version has an overture and an intermission, and it will be three hours, two minutes," Tarantino told Variety. "The multiplex version is about six minutes shorter, not counting the intermission time, which is about 12 minutes." So, basically, during the holiday season, an even longer cut of The Hateful Eight will be released in limited theaters for true fans of the film to travel to and buy a ticket to. One that comes with an overture and an intermission. One that's going to look absolutely beautiful on DVD. One that hopefully gives us even more Samuel L. Jackson. I literally cannot handle my excitement right now.

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Even better, this bonus release of The Hateful Eight was Tarantino's whole plan from the beginning — and both versions of the movie are actually created equal, so those who only watch the wide release version don't have to worry that they are missing all the fun by not watching the limited release. According to Variety, Tarantino said, "You’ve paid the money. You’ve bought your ticket. So you’re there. I’ve got you. But I actually changed the cutting slightly for a couple of the multiplex scenes because it’s not that. Now it’s on Showtime Extreme. You’re watching it on TV and you just kind of want to watch a movie on your couch. Or you’re at Hot Dog on a Stick and you just want to catch a movie."

So, basically, if you watch The Hateful Eight in theaters, you are getting the full movie experience as Tarantino meant it to be enjoyed. If you watch The Hateful Eight in limited release, you are getting even more of the full movie experience, complete in a way the theater version is not but decorated in a way that you don't need to watch it to get the full scope of the epic film. And if you get the film on DVD, well, you get the best of both worlds. Really, you have no excuse not to check out the film in any single version that Tarantino deems worthy of releasing it, because it's about to be in our hands very, very soon. Or, rather, our money is about to leave our hands very, very soon, because we all know we're going to buy a ticket.