John Legend's Songs Prove He'll Be A Great Dad

by Kadeen Griffiths

In case you haven't heard the news that is still making me overjoyed even though I have absolutely nothing to do with it, John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are having a baby. They were once everyone's relationship goals, and now they are about to become everyone's parent goals. Whether you wish they were your parents, or wish you were parents like them, still remains to be seen, but the fact of the matter is that just about everyone is ecstatic that the couple got their wish and are finally going to bring new life into the world. Between this and the upcoming musical comedy based on their relationship, they are just having the best kind of year. Of course, I can already tell that John Legend is going to be a great father. In fact, there are several Legend lyrics that prove he'll be a great dad.

Teigen being a great mother pretty much goes without saying, because she's one of the nicest, funniest, and most intelligent women out there in the game right now. Plus, she and Legend seem so deeply in love with each other that we can pretty much already call what a happy home this little boy or girl is going to be born into. However, one does not need an excuse to start listening to John Legend songs, and these specific lyrics — even in songs that are otherwise about love or sex — pretty much prove to me that Legend will be the best father.

1. "If I could, I'd give you the world, wrap it all around you... my angel." —"Angel (Interlude)"

Seriously, can't you imagine him crooning this lyric to his daughter over her crib at night in lieu of a lullaby?

2. "You've got to believe in yourself, in all that you do.. You've got to fight to make it better, and you will see that others will start believing too. Then, my son, things will start to get better." —"Little Ghetto Boy"

Encouraging his son to make the world a better place? Well, of course he would.

3. "When the dark clouds arrive, I will stay by your side. I know we'll be alright." —"Stay With You"

No matter what his children are going through in their lives, with this lyric, he assures them that he always has their back.

4. "Can we reignite the flame? 'Cause things just ain't the same. We can talk about the baby. We can talk until we're crazy." —"Slow Dance"

Yes, that's right, Legend has mentioned having a baby before. This lyric pretty much tells me that, even if their first child leads to a strain on their relationship, Legend will do whatever it takes to make sure he and Teigen get through the rough patches and come out stronger.

5. "Though love sometimes hurts, I still put you first." —"Ordinary People"

Excuse me, I've melted into a little puddle of goo.

6. "Hush my baby, don't you cry. I'll dry your eyes." —"I Love, You Love"

Sure, this is a love song, but the fact that this lyric is an adaptation of a famous lullaby is just more proof of my "World's Best Dad" theory.

7. "I never had someone to sing about until I meet her and each day get better." —"Each Day Gets Better"

I feel like Legend is going to be one of those proud fathers with a hundred photographs of his kid in a wallet that he whips out at parties, don't you?

8. "Take caution from our elders, don't make the same mistake. Let's fill the world with love, and get rid of all the hate." —"Our Generation (The Hope Of The World)"

Always a good message to pass on to the next generation.

9. "If I could plan the perfect day, love, then I would start it just like this." —"Good Morning"

With one arm wrapped around his wife and the other arm wrapped around his dozing toddler, of course.

10. "Oh, the sunshine in your eyes could break the ice. I can tell that you deserve the best in life." —"Tomorrow"

Guys, I literally cannot.

11. "Since the day you came into my life, you made me realize that we were born to fly." —"So High"

What further proof do you need?

If the fact that it's John Legend wasn't enough to sway you, then hopefully these select lyrics will convince you even faster.