Minneapolis Apartment Building Explosion Leaves 13 Injured, 6 Critically

An explosion that ignited a fire in a Minneapolis apartment building caused 13 people to be rushed to the hospital, with six suffering critical injuries. Main injuries included burns and broken limbs, said a spokesperson at Hennepin County Medical Center. Some residents fell, jumped, or were pushed by force from the three-story building. Minneapolis Fire Chief John Fruetel says not all residents have been tallied yet, and none have been identified.

"Not everybody has been accounted for in this building," Fruetel said. "It is possible that some are still inside."

The blast occurred around 8 a.m., and flames quickly shot up 20 feet into the air. Firefighting efforts were stalled by freezing temperatures, which reached -4 degrees at 10:45 a.m. Any water that firefighters sprayed quickly turned into sheets of ice. Photos of the situation on social media show flames and plumes of smoke engulfing the immediate area. Even hours after the explosion, firefighters could not contain the fire and couldn't enter the entire building. "These are very treacherous conditions,” Fruetel said.

The top floors of the building collapsed and surrounding buildings suffered damage, including a grocery and a mosque.

The cause of the fire remains unknown. Victims were seen outside in frigid temperatures without coats or hats. Authorities are in the process of setting up a family center for those affected.

"This is a tragic morning for the City of Minneapolis," Mayor-elect Betsy Hodges said.

Photo via CNN