How To Deal With Flaky Skin

We've all had that dreaded moment when we decide to apply our foundation or tinted moisturizer only to discover that five minutes after application, flakes begin to appear, totally ruining your flawless look. Winter weather is often the culprit, which is why learning how to deal with flaky skin is such an important part of making sure your winter beauty routine keeps your skin soft, smooth, and flake-free. Thankfully, Allison Marks, manager of the famous ARCONA Spa, is here to make sure that flaky skin isn't an issue for you, come winter time. She's got your answers on what can cause the flakes and how you can not only treat, but also prevent them from happening.

While the dry, winter weather can clearly cause your skin to become dry and flaky, the weather isn't the only reason you're experiencing alligator skin. According to Marks, there are several reasons why your skin may be flaking. She says, "Dehydration can be caused by air travel, over use-of topical prescriptions from a Derm i.e. Retin-A, as well as over-use of AHA/chemical exfoliants, harsh scrubs, over- cleansing with harsh cleansers and toners that are not pH balanced can strip the skin’s natural moisture barrier leading to dehydration/flakiness."

Another surprising factor may be causing the flakes. Marks tells Bustle, "Something people don’t realize is that some medications, particularly cold medicine are very dehydrating." Basically everyone gets that traditional winter cold, so that means it's incredibly important that you know how to deal with flaking that's potentially been caused by cold medicine.

In order to combat dry, flaky skin, there are a couple of things Marks recommends. She says the key is "regular exfoliation and hydration." She goes on to say, "Diligence with home care is essential to prevention and maintenance." In addition, facials can come in handy when talking about exfoliating to help skin stop flaking. Marks elaborates by saying, "Facials that include exfoliation, e.g. ARCONA’s Organic Fruit Enzyme Peel, removes the top layers of skin, eliminating flaky skin." Marks suggests getting a facial every 4-6 weeks for optimum results. Marks stresses the benefits of seeing a professional who will also be able to distinguish your skin's needs and figure out what products are best suited for you.

What products does Marks suggest for those of us not able to see a facialist? Here are her amazing recommendations.

Mandarin Brightening Peel

$78.00, Arcona

Raspberry Resurfacing Peel

$68.00, Arcona

Tea Tree Mask

$36.00 Arcona

Wine Hydrating Mask

$42.00, Arcona

Allison recommends using these products as a tandem way to combat flaky skin. Choose between the Mandarin Brightening Peel and the Raspberry Resurfacing peel, then make a decision between the Tea Tree Mask and the Wine Hydrating Mask. Marks explains, "These two steps area an easy at-home way to maintain results of your professional facials." It's also a budget-friendly way to give yourself a mini facial at home!

Hydrating Serum

$48.00, Arcona

Arcona's Hydrating Serum contains Hyaluronic Acid. Marks explains its benefits saying, "Think of it as a glass of water for the skin. Hyaluronic Acid plumps and fills in fine dehydrated lines."

Arcona Gommages

Marks recommends gentle exfoliation for flaky skin. That's where Arcona's gommages come in. She says, "Gently polish the skin with a scrub 2-4 x a week with one of ARCONA’s Gommages, follow with a hydrator. Our scrubs do not scratch or tear the skin like some scrubs that use non-spherical buffing agents. Any scratching on the skin can cause deep dehydration which leads to flakiness."

A little extra effort in the colder months means no skin issues will arise for your New Year's Eve parties. Try to book with a facialist soon, and if not, keep Allison's tips in mind.

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