EZPeeZ From 'Shark Tank' Isn't Available Yet, But It's Determined To Take The Challenge Out Of Potty Training

I'm a big fan of indoor plumbing, as I suspect you are as well, so I never really thought there was much you could do to improve upon that experience. However, Shark Tank has proved me so wrong. Products like the CitiKitty Cat Toilet Training Kit and the Squatty Potty have shown that we and our pets can always do our business better. CittiKitty and the Squatty Potty both scored investments during their respective episodes, so will the latest toilet accoutrement to hit Shark Tank, EZPeeZ, achieve the same success on Friday night?

Well, it may not have been the No.1 toilet product or even the No. 2 to appear on Shark Tank, but I'd say EZPeez still has a pretty good chance of not getting flushed down the toilet by the Sharks. Many of them are parents, after all, and probably remember the trials and tribulations of potty training their children all too well, a problem that EZPeeZ aims to solve. Plus, Lori "the Queen of QVC" Greiner will appear in this episode, which is good for EZPeeZ because this product just screams, "Sell me on TV!"

Now I'm just picturing a talking toilet, which is an image I'd really rather get out of my head. If you feel the same way, learning what EZPeeZ is all about should do the trick.

It Makes "Potty Training As EZ As 1...2...Pee!"

EZPeeZ Potty on YouTube

I can already tell this company is puntastic, so I'm for sure a fan, and I don't even have kids. But if I did, I think the EZPeeZ would definitely come in handy. It looks like a normal toilet seat, but there's a small part of it that flips up so that it creates a toilet seat fit for children, which is supposed to make potty training less of a nightmare.

You Can't Sit On It Yet

If you think the EZPeeZ looks great, and you can't wait to get your kids on one, I'm sorry to tell you that's not going to happen — for now, at least. It doesn't look like the EZPeeZ is for sale yet, but you can sign up to get news, updates, and pre-order info sent to your email inbox through the company's official website now. Depending on how well EZPeeZ does on Shark Tank, it's possible this accessory will become available in the near future.

Its Online Presence Is Super Fresh

Even if you just taking to Google to find out more info about the EZPeeZ can be a challenge. The company seems to have a very young online presence. Its website is super-basic, and its social media profiles have very few posts on them. Clearly, this is a new product that's still working on establishing itself in the marketplace, and appearing on Shark Tank seems to be one of the first steps to do that.

You May Recognize Its Entrepreneur

It's not uncommon to see a familiar face behind the products and services brought into the Shark Tank, and Friday night's episode is no exception. Brian Kleinschmidt is the entrepreneur behind EZPeeZ, and you may recognize him from Season 15 of The Amazing Race, where he placed third with his wife, Ericka Dunlap. The pair was actually the first interracial married couple to compete on the show. Kleinschmidt and Dunlap later divorced, as reported by Us Weekly, so the two won't be returning to reality TV together.

Kleinschmidt Has A Lot Going On

But Kleinschmidt has kept busy since appearing on The Amazing Race. For one thing, he remarried, according to the Orlando Sentinel. He also opened up some gyms, starred as the title role in a production of Tarzan in Florida, and was a finalist in the 2015 Doritos Crash the Super Bowl contest.

There's A Lot Of Competition Out There

A toilet training seat is nothing new. Parents have been getting a little help potty training their children with toilet seat attachments for years. Just Google "toilet training seat," and you'll get a bunch of results of everything from petite potties to little seats with kid-friendly characters like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on them to seats with ladders attached. However, I have to hand it to Kleinschmidt, because his seat seems to be one of the easiest on the eyes for adults. It may stand out among the competition simply because it's not trying to stand out.

Images: Tyler Golden/ABC; Giphy (2); CBS