Future Performs "Where Ya At" Without Drake At The BET Hip Hop Awards & Still Kills It Solo

Despite being the opener at Tuesday night's BET Hip Hop Awards, Future's performance is already the biggest tease of the night, as he performed his epically cool song "Where Ya At" without Drake, even though he raps on the record. To be fair to Future, it is his song and Drake is only "featured" on the single. But when performing a song featuring quite possibly one the most popular rappers in the world at the moment, it feels a little disappointing to not actually see the guy come out onstage, especially when Drake is leading the nominations for the BET Hip Hop Awards. Nonetheless, Future's performance kicked off the awards for a reason, as he totally nailed it and had people on their feet from the very start.

Future had quite the intimidating job to not only kick off the show, but to follow a 50 Cent performance on the program before the BET Hip Hop Awards. Plus, he had to be exciting enough and bring the right amount of attitude to keep it going as Snoop Dogg began his awesome opening start to the show. Thankfully, Future was able to do just that all by himself and remind everyone watching that at the end of the day, "Where Ya At" is his song.

As someone who needed some warming up to Future when he first burst onto the scene (especially with his collaboration with Rihanna "Love Song"), this was absolutely the right way to showcase the rapper's talents. While I certainly wouldn't complain if he brought Drake along to his next live performance, I'm officially a fan of Future, including when he's on stage alone.