20 Super Cheap Halloween Party Ideas

by Emily Kelley

The struggle is real when you’re broke and still want to throw a spook-tacular Halloween party — you don’t want to skimp out, but you also want to be able to pay your rent. Don’t worry, you can still throw an amazing (and amazingly easy) bash on a budget with a few choice cheap Halloween party ideas and decorations.

As adults, we sometimes (OK, probably all the time) have to choose between being responsible, and having fun. Like, yeah, of course I want to spend my entire paycheck on a kick-ass Halloween costume and every decoration in sight, but I also have bills to pay. And I never thought I’d say this, but when it comes to Halloween, commercialization is your friend. Stores and the web are saturated with decorations and décor that would be perfect for your Halloween party, and guess what — they’re cheap! Obviously, the more expensive All Hallow's Eve decorations might look better and last longer, but we all know we’re just going to run out next year and get a new set of pumpkin accessories anyway.

So don’t worry so much about the cheap price, and focus more on making your party fun! Money savers unite!

1. Bat Cupcake Toppers

Bat Cupcake Toppers — Set of 3, $5, etsy

Just pop these bad boys on some store-bought cupcakes, and you're ready to go. It doesn't get much easier than that.

2. Halloween Garland

Halloween Orange & Black Garland, $10, etsy

I like this banner because it can be hung vertically or horizontally — whichever your preference! And it makes a simple and easy photo backdrop for all those costume Instagrams.

3. Halloween Bat Decals

Halloween Wall Decals, $4.99, etsy

Decals are a renter's (and really anyone's) best friend — especially when it comes to Halloween. You can find cheap sets of spooky holiday decals to put on the walls, the windows, or your table for instant party decor. And when the party is over, you just peel 'em off, and save them for next year!

4. Halloween Cups

Halloween Skeleton Cups — Set of 16, $16, Amazon

Forget red Solo cups — you need these skeleton cups for your Halloween bash. They're a good size, and it's hard to beat less than a dollar per cup when they look that cool.

5. Halloween Table Runner

Halloween Table Runner, $10, etsy

Need just a splash of Halloween for your spread? A themed table runner is always an easy and cheap way to add some holiday spirit.

6. Wicked Witch Print

Don't Make Me Get My Flying Monkeys! Witch Print, $10, etsy

Get yourself a few witchy prints to hang around the house during your party. You could use frames you already have, and replace them with pictures once the witching hour has passed.

7. Walking Dead Fridge Decal

Don't Open Dead Inside Halloween Decal, $8, etsy

Hey, even your fridge deserves some Halloween love — that's where the drinks are kept! Zombies not included.

8. Pumpkin Confetti

Pumpkin Confetti, $3.50, etsy

Looking for something just a little extra to spread around your Halloween decor? Try adorable pumpkin confetti. Not super easy to clean up, but super cheap to buy — you win some, you lose some.

9. Creepy Cocktail Napkin

Creepy Cocktail Vampire Beverage Napkins — Set of 16, $3, Amazon

Vampire jokes are always funny on Halloween, especially if you have a cocktail to go with this cocktail napkin. Preferably one without blood in it.

10. Beer Koozies

Drink Up Witches Beer Koozies, $5, etsy

Class up your beer cans, or just stave off the cold with some custom beer koozies. You can usually buy them individually or in sets for cheap, and they're good all year round.

11. Beware Print

Halloween Subway Art, $4, etsy

If you're in a financial and/or time crunch, printables are the way to go. You can just print them out at home, slip them into a frame, and ta-da! Chic (and cheap) Halloween party decor!

12. Halloween Pumpkin Lights

Halloween Pumpkin Lights, $13, Amazon

Aren't these pumpkin lights adorable? Perfect for indoors or outdoors, especially if your party has a distinct lack of pumpkins laying around.

13. Halloween Wood Blocks

These are great for the serving table, or just positioned around the house. They're cute and Halloween-y all at the same time! Just don't let people use them as coasters.

Halloween Blocks-Set of 6, $15, etsy

14. Halloween Bottle Stickers

Halloween Wine Bottle Stickers-Set of 8, $7, Amazon

Plain ol' red wine might not feel as Halloween-y as some of those themed cocktails, but you can still spice up your booze bottles for the party. Stickers toting concoctions like "Zombie Virus" and "Rat Poison" fit perfectly over wine, champagne, and other bottles, and get your booze into the holiday spirit.

15. Spooky Banner

Halloween Garland, $15, etsy

Simple and to the point — just as a banner should be. This spooky banner can hang above the mantel, over the door, or across your libation area.

16. Halloween Party Balloons

Halloween Party Balloon Assortment — Set of 35, $10, Amazon

When in doubt, just fill your place with festive balloons. You can get them in large assortments for cheap, and everyone likes a good balloon, right?

17. Faux Spider Web

Super Stretch Spider Web, $5, Amazon

I've had the same blob of fake spider web for five years, and it never fails to make my place feel creepy and ready for Halloween. Spread it over the windows, your mailbox, the table — really anywhere you want decorations, the web will deliver.

18. Front Door Halloween Decor

BOO Halloween Decor, $14, etsy

Your front door is the first thing your party guests will see, so make sure it's decorated too! This BOO sign is simple, rustic, and won't break the bank.

19. Photo Props

Photo Booth Props — Set of 30, $8, Amazon

Even if your guests will already be in costume, it's still fun to mess around with photo props. And the great thing about these is that they're not totally Halloween specific — you can use them again at your next bash!

20. Halloween Cocktail Napkins

Hand Me a Drink Halloween Cocktail Napkin — Set of 16, $9, Amazon

This skeleton napkin really knows what's up.

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