Shop Kylie Jenner's Statement Sunnies

Finding the best fall trends is as simple as clicking one of the Kardashian or Jenner's Instagram accounts. Kylie Jenner posted geometric sunglasses to her feed, proving that just because summer is over it doesn't mean you have to put those shades away, too. There's no better way to block out the haters than with designer frames.

Since she turned 18, the reality star has been experimenting with her style more than ever. Jenner has rocked backpacks, crop tops, and everything in between, but she's always completed the look with a stand-out pair of designer sunglasses. This time, she chose a two-toned white geometric pair to go with her girly handbag.

The shades fit right in with Jenner's other oversized sunglasses, but that's what makes them fabulous. Her pink and white glasses matched her long nails perfectly and looked just as stylish all the other pairs in her collection. This girl doesn't waste any time when it comes to style, and that's why we love her.

Every look Jenner sports is different from the next, and she often makes her sunglasses the center of her outfit. While some of us are stuck trying to find our signature shaped sunnies, this girls is showing off how flawlessly she can rock them all. Here's how to shop her sunnies this fall.

Update, June 2016: Of the sunglasses that are now sold out, alternate styles are linked below their description.

1. Geometric Glasses

Quirky sunglasses that are perfect for Jenner's collection.

Fendi Bold Statement Sunglasses, $255, EZ Contacts

These aren't exactly the same, but they're give off a similar two-toned vibe.

Also Try: Dolce and Gabbana Sunglasses, $330, Macy's

2. Clear View

She makes oversized sunnies look super casual.

Try: Retro Half-Rim Sunglasses, $14, Urban Outfitters

If you're looking to steal her half-rimmed style, these are the ones for you.

3. Steampunk Chic

While everyone was focused on her blue lips, I couldn't get enough of her shiny metal sunglasses.

Dior Mirror Sunglasses, $219, Tradsey

These rose gold sunnies cost a pretty penny, but they are fabulous.

Also Try: Dolce & Gabbana Sunglasses, $330, Macy's

4. Classic Aviators

It doesn't get more timeless than this.

Black Matte Sunglasses, $215, R ay Ban

Go dark and shiny for the fall season with these fabulous oversized shades.

5. Unconventional Cut

She's always switching things up!

Metal Mix Sunglasses, $181, Miu Miu

These over-the-top sunnies are totally practical, but they also make a statement.

6. Metallic Gold

A little bit of shine never hurt anyone.

Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses, $129, Overstock

These colorful shades will have you feeling just like a Jenner.

7. Ultra Square Framed

Somehow she manages to make these bold square frames totally wearable.

Small ZZ Sunglasses, $426, Céline

This designer style will give you the same effect.

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