15 Most Cry-Worthy Moments Of Harry Potter (Ranked)

Although the Harry Potter series has brought a smile to the faces of many fans, it has also brought a tear to their eyes. Or a couple tears. OK, fine — it has made us break down bawling on more than one occasion. The problem is that the heroes of the series have to go through a lot. After all, it’s a classic tale of good versus evil, and that wouldn’t mean anything if the hero didn’t have to make sacrifices in order to reach his or her goal. Just because this happens in so many stories doesn’t make it any less painful, though, and it’s perhaps even more painful in Harry Potter because we love the characters so much.

And even now, when you know that specific moment is coming as you reread your favorite HP book, am I right when I say that you still reach for the tissue box? I know I’ve had tears well up in my eyes just thinking about certain moments in Harry Potter (then again, I cried at a gum commercial this morning, so I’m not sure if I can be the standard for this…).

Of course, in the end, Harry Potter has probably made you smile and feel happy twice as many times as it’s made you cry. Still, here are a few of the most tear-jerking moments. Maybe read your favorite HP passage after reading this, just so you can cheer yourself up…

When Buckbeak Is Executed

This was sad moment, mostly because you felt for Hagrid. He'd already had to go through so much, and then he lost an animal who didn't deserve to die. But the good news is, Harry and Hermione saved Buckbeak in the end (thanks to the time turner), so you — and Hagrid — didn't have to be sad for too long.

When Harry Finds Out (Or Thinks He Finds Out) That Sirius Betrayed His Parents

These are some angry tears, because you were upset along with Harry that Sirius Black, the Potters' supposed best friend, betrayed them. But these tears also didn't last too long, because it turns out that the gossip Harry overheard wasn't quite correct, and Sirius was actually loyal to the Potters and ready to take over his godfatherly duties.

When Ginny Is Taken To The Chamber Of Secrets

When Harry and Ron find out that it's Ginny trapped in the chamber of secrets, you probably shed some I'm-so-scared tears. Actually, when the Weasleys are all gathered and scared for their daughter's life, that's when the tears really fall. But once again, these tears can't last too long, because you know Harry and Ron are going to rescue her.

When Barty Crouch Jr. Gets The Dementor's Kiss

Not that you cared whether Barty Crouch Jr. got the dementor's kiss — after all, he was a horrible person who enjoyed evil — but because he got the kiss, he was unable to give testimony explaining that Voldemort had returned. So this was another angry-tear moment.

Mrs. Weasley And The Boggart

When Harry witnessed Mrs. Weasley tearfully trying to banish a boggart who kept appearing as her dead family members, we all felt for her. She was terrified and just wanted to protect her family, and it was heartbreaking to see all of her greatest fears coming to life.

When Voldemort Kills Cedric

OK, so Cedric was kind of a pain — I mean, we wanted to hate him, because he kept beating Harry at everything, but then he was too perfect to actually hate. Which was even worse. Then, we all felt guilty when he was killed — especially since he was never supposed to be in that graveyard in the first place. But the real moment when the tears fall wasn't when Voldemort shouted "kill the spare." Nope — it was when poor Amos Diggory saw his son's body. Ugh, I'm tearing up just thinking about it.

Harry And Hermione At Godric's Hollow

As Harry and Hermione make their way through the graveyard in Godric's Hollow, they see messages of support and encouragement for Harry from other wizards and witches. It's a touching yet sad moment of quiet as everyone else celebrates Christmas, and you can't help reflecting on everything Harry has lost.

Hedwig's Death

This moment symbolizes the true loss of innocence and the beginning of the end: Hedwig was one of Harry's first friends in the magical world, and his companion even at Privet Drive where he had no one else. When she dies, you know things are going downhill.

Dumbledore's Funeral

Hundreds of people gather to honor a man who had an impact on so many, and the effect is heartbreaking.

When Sirius Dies

When Bellatrix murdered Sirius, Harry's hopes of leaving Privet Drive to live with his godfather and the closest thing to a parent he had ever known were crushed. Plus, he blamed himself for the whole thing. If that doesn't make you tear up, I don't know what will.

Harry And The Mirror Of Erised

One of the saddest moments of the series was actually in the very first book. Amidst the magical and whimsical excitement of Harry discovering Hogwarts for the first time was a very emotional scene: Harry looking into the Mirror of Erised. Something about him sitting in a room alone, staring at a reflection of what could have been, is absolutely heartbreaking to me.

The Battle Of Hogwarts

Fred. That's all I have to say.

Snape's "Always"

This moment was so heartbreaking: we finally found out what Snape had been concealing all of those years. His love for Lily, even after their friendship dissipated and her eventual murder, was truly a cue for the waterworks to begin.

"Until The Very End"

When Harry asks his father if those he has lost will stay with him, and his father replies, "Until the very end," don't TELL me you don't break down and ugly cry.

"All Was Well"

This was the worst of all, because it meant the series was over. Still... it'll always be there, on the shelf, waiting to be reread and rediscovered again and again.

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