21 Colorful Sneakers You Need In Your Life

The days of an exclusively black and white wardrobe are over. Sure, it was fun while it lasted. And being able to mix and match your clothes with ease was ideal. But it is time to evolve — and affordable colorful sneakers are the way to start. As the fashion icon of the universe Iris Apfel once said, "If your hair is done properly and you’re wearing good shoes, you can get away with anything." So, break out your checklist: Blow-out? Check. Awesome sneakers? Check. Air of mischief? Definite check.

There are a handful of qualities in colorful footwear that you'll want to keep an eye out for. The most important being wearability. Are they comfortable? Do they fit better with or without socks? Does the color or pattern make them a statement piece or for everyday wear? What exactly can I (or can't I) style these with? I know, there are a lot of contributing factors when it comes to finding your new favorite pair of footwear. But don't fret, here are 21 colorful sneakers that aren't just perfectly on trend — they'll keep your wallet feeling full. Take a look and indulge in the latest footwear craze.

1. Velvet Flatforms

Every fashion girl loves a good platform sneaker. It gives you the height you want while still letting you be on-the-go without the blisters.

ASOS Daysleeper Flatform Sneakers, $45, ASOS

2. A Little Bit Neutral

With a great shape and neutral coloring, these are your everyday sneakers — that still stand out.

Saucony Shadow Original Sneaker, $70, Urban Outfitters

3. Heavy Metal

Metallic footwear is just too good. Especially in sneaker form — it's both edgy and super comfortable.

ASOS Dallington Lace Up Sneakers, $36, ASOS

4. Unexpected Color Combos

Baby blue and yellow? Not your typical color palette, but if you're adventurous enough, these kicks are for you.

Puma Suede Classic Plus Sneaker, $59, Urban Outfitters

5. Fluffy Footwear

If your style is super girly, but you're looking to take a break from heels — these shoes are your best bet. Furry and pink? I'm sold.

ASOS Darrell Pom Pom Sneakers, $40, ASOS

6. Cartoon Queen

These sneakers will make you Pharrell-level happy.

Adidas Originals Pharrell Williams X Todd James White Leather Supershell Superstar Sneakers, $94, ASOS

7. Light & Lavender

These lightweight canvas sneakers are simple in style and sweet in color.

Keds x EOS Champion in Passionfruit, $20, Keds

8. Color-Blocked Kicks

You can't color-block and not look helplessly fashionable. Especially when it's on your footwear.

H&M Sneakers, $40, H&M

9. Single-Tone Sneaks

What's cute and chic and mint green all-over? These babies.

Puma Basket Suede Classic Mint Green Sneakers, $99, ASOS

10. Pattern Overload

Style wisely. Meaning all-black or dark denim mandatory.

Inkkas Cotton Candy High Tops, $76, Forever 21

11. Hints Of Pink

It's all in the details. Especially when those details are pretty in pink.

New Balance 420 Glam, $70, New Balance

12. Fuchsia For Life

It can't get much more colorful than this.

Criss Cross Training Tennis Shoes, $30, Go Jane

13. Peachy Keen

Everybody loved a good Air Force 1 back in the day. Now, it's back and it's sweeter than ever.

Nike Aire Force 1 '07 Prm in Orange Neon, $100, Stories

14. Zip It

These faux suede sneaks come in the best burnt orange, plus have awesome zippers to give it some hardware detailing.

Forever21 Faux Suede Zippered Sneakers, $30, Forever 21

15. Tweedle-Dee

Never seen tweed shoes before? Well, neither have most people. But that's how trends get started, people.

Go Jane Tweed Out Textured Sneakers, $27, Go Jane

16. Walking On Sunshine

Not sure it's possible to wear these and not be in a fantastic mood.

Urban Outfitters Canvas Lace-Up Sneaker, $24, Urban Outfitters

17. Futuristic Feet

They look like a jetpack. For your feet. A really, really fashionable one.

Zara Multicolored Sneakers, $70, Zara

18. Breath Of Fresh Air

Let your feet breathe with these bright, beautiful sneakers. Plus, how cool are these laces?

Native Apollo Moc Sneaker, $70, Urban Outfitters

19. A Textured Treat

Like a petting zoo for your feet. Fun to look at — and to touch.

Dieci 2 Cactus: Silver Cactus/White, $68, Gourmet Footwear

20. Very Zesty

Classic canvas sneakers paired with a fun, flirty print. Perhaps the perfect match for a sundress.

Keds Champion Picnic, $20, Keds

21. Neon Animal Print

If animal print sneakers aren't quite bold enough for you, take it to the next level with a neon color palette. Lisa Frank will thank you.

Sporty-Luxe Mesh Leopard Sneakers, $30, Go Jane

Now go rock some new shoes and bask in the glory of your purchase. You deserve it.

Images: Courtesy Brands