'Satisfaction' Clip On The Aftermath Of The Affair

The second season of Satisfaction is back, and it's more dramatic than ever. After a season of love, lust, betrayal, and a lot of metaphors for a broken relationship, Satisfaction Season 2 picks up where the inaugural season left off. Fans can expect to see the fallout of Mallory's vengeful husband (plus gun) coming into Neil and Grace's home. The exclusive clip below alludes to the fact that someone didn't make it out alive, so prepare yourself.

In the clip, Neil and Adriana are having a drink after "some pretty bad things" happened at Neil's house. Adriana, who is working to keep Neil and Grace apart, tries to console him. She tells Neil, who is notably without Grace, that he needed to be free, and now he is. His secrets are out, and Neil can now have anything he wants. Could Grace have left after whatever happened with Mallory's husband? Neil says that he wants Grace and his life back, but it might be past the point of no return for Neil and Grace's marriage. At least that's how Adriana tries to sell it when she says "apparently [Grace] wasn't enough."

Watch the clip below to see just how Neil is dealing with the aftermath and how he hopes to pick up the pieces of his life. Watch Satisfaction Season 2 beginning Oct. 16, at 10 p.m. on USA.

Images: Bob Mahoney/USA Network