Take Our Quiz: Yankee Candle Or Hallmark Movie?

by Caroline Gerdes

One of the best things about the holidays approaching is holiday television. And you can always count on Hallmark for holiday programming, like a lot of seasonal programming. On the heels of Autumn Dreams and Harvest Moon, Hallmark is premiering October Kiss, starring Sam Jaeger and Ashley Williams, on October 17. And these autumnally titled TV movies have me wondering: Are these Hallmark movie titles or Yankee candles?

October Kiss seems like an adorable holiday movie that you can watch curled up with Halloween candy and an apple cider. Williams (you know her from HIMYM) plays a woman who’s name coincidentally also sounds like a Yankee candle, Poppy Summerall. She's a temporary nanny helping bring love and happiness to a widowed man’s (Parenthood’s Jaeger) home. And if the title suggests anything — other than evoking the smell of a PSL — a romance may bloom.

But let’s take a look back at these other recent October films. Autumn in the Park — no, wait. That’s not it. Autumn in the Park is a Yankee candle scent. Autumn Dreams is the Hallmark movie that premiered October 3. Man, this could get confusing. Do you think you can tell the difference between Yankee candle scents and Hallmark classics?

Let’s find out with a quiz! Can you guess" Yankee Candle or Hallmark Movie?

1. A Summer-Themed Option:

A) Strawberry Summer

B) Blue Summer Sky

A) Strawberry Summer is a 2012 Hallmark film.

B) Blue Summer Sky is a candle.

2. For Those Who Like To Stay At Home:

A) A Place Called Home

B) Home Sweet Home

A) A Place Called Home is a 2004 Hallmark film — starring a young Shailene Woodley.

B) Home Sweet Home is a candle.

3. For The Pet Lovers:

A) Midnight Jasmine

B) My Boyfriends’ Dogs

A) Midnight Jasmine is the Yankee candle scent, thank goodness. I love dogs and all, but they don’t smell great.

B) My Boyfriends’ Dogs is a 2014 Hallmark movie.

4. Flower Or November Holiday?

A) True Rose

B) A Family Thanksgiving

A) True Rose is the candle.

B) A Family Thanksgiving is a 2010 Hallmark movie.

5. Winter-Themed Options:

A) Northpole

B) Valentine Crush

Trick question!

A) North Pole is a Yankee candle scent and Northpole is a 2014 Hallmark film.

B) Valentine Crush is something I made up, but, hey, it could work either way.

6. For The Brides-To-Be:

A) Wedding Day

B) Wedding Daze

A) Wedding Day is a candle.

B) Wedding Daze is a 2004 TV movie.

7. Kisses Or Weather Patterns?

A) Storm Watch

B) Smooch

A) Storm Watch is a Yankee candle.

B) Smooch is a 2011 Hallmark movie with Kiernan Shipka.

8. Christmas-Themed Options:

A) Fir Crazy

B) Home for the Holidays

A) Fir Crazy is a 2013 Hallmark movie.

B) Home for the Holidays is a candle.

9. If You've Got Food On The Brain:

A) Picnic in the Park

B) Just Desserts

A) Picnic in the Park is a candle.

B) Just Desserts is a 2004 TV movie.

10. For The Night-Owls:

A) November Rain

B) Moonlight & Mistletoe

A) November Rain is a Yankee candle scent.

B) Moonlight & Mistletoe is a 2008 Hallmark movie.

Get in a festive fall spirit with October Kiss on October17 and maybe a pumpkin spice Yankee candle?

Images: Hallmark, Giphy (10)