Baby Named Krimson Tyde Born To Alabama Parents, Couple Shocked By Backlash

What happens when two major sports fans from Alabama procreate? A baby named Krimson Tyde enters the world, that's what. Summer and Steven Steele from Andalusia, Alabama selected the name for their son, born on Dec. 17th, as a way to show their appreciation and affection for Alabama University's football team, the Alabama Crimson Tide.

"The reason we named him Krimson is that we are big Alabama fans, and it is a very unique name, and we loved it," said Summer Steele.

That might be putting it lightly — naming another human being after a football team is a pretty major demonstration of one’s fandom. But the Alabama couple have been surprised by the ensuing backlash: People have taken to Twitter to express their disdain for the name “Krimson Tyde,” and Deadspin published a list of baby names that were "better than Krimson Tyde."

"To people speaking negatively about us naming him Krimson, it's not their child nor family member — so if they have nothing nice to say, they don't need to say nothing at all," Steele said.

But the Steeles have some supporters in their corner. Shane Broadhurst, a 31-year-old Alabama resident and father of a son named Crimson Tide and daughter named Alliegh Bama, had encouraging words for the Steele family.

"Don't worry about what other people say. People are going to hate Alabama because we're such a good team. I would tell them to not let it get to them. Be Bama fans as hard as they can be and live their life and Roll Tide," he said.

And as it turns out, the name Crimson might not be that unique after all. reports that 35 out of the 76 girls born in the U.S. in 2012 with the name Crimson, Krimson, or Krymson were from Alabama. Nine boys born in Alabama in 2012 were also named Crimson.