7 DIY Halloween Costumes From Urban Outfitters

by Kelly Dougher

Ahh, Urban Outfitters: the place you go to fulfill all of your denim jumpsuit, cool sneaker, and dorky fanny pack needs (although one hopes you're not wearing all of those things at once). There may be no better store to find '90s trends lined up next to racks of '70s nostalgia, and celebrations of normcore piled on the table next to sexy lace bras. Oh, and last-minute Halloween costumes. Yep, this eclectic mix of styles lends itself particularly well to helping millennials get dressed for the most important night of the year.

Seriously, the next time you're at Urban Outfitters or browsing their site, take a casual glance around and play a fun game called "How many potential Halloween costumes can I spot?" See a beret and a striped shirt? There's a cute French girl costume. See a dramatic faux fur coat? That's like five different costumes right there. See all those fringed suede jackets and ankle boots and wide-brimmed hats? Bam, you're a cowgirl.

Possibly the best part about buying your Halloween costume from Urban Outfitters is that once October is over, you'll still have those really cute, reusable clothes in your closet. It's only when you put all of the items together that it's an obvious costume. The rest of the year, you'll be able to seamlessly reintegrate them into your regular wardrobe, unlike that elaborate Elsa dress for your Frozen costume (hey, we're not judging). Below are seven easy DIY Halloween costumes from Urban Outfitters that you can wear for compliments on Halloween and the rest of the year.

1. A Ballerina

Urban Renewal Ballet Maxi Dress, $50,; Bloch Ballet Flat, $89,; Watercolor Flower Crown, $18,; Marled Cozy Legwarmer, $24,

Not every Halloween costume has to be either hyper-sexualized or gruesomely scary; it's OK to just want to look pretty. If you've always dreamed of being a graceful ballerina but your general clumsiness and lack of dedication to grueling exercise got in the way, Halloween is your chance to realize your dreams! (For one night, anyway).

Urban Outfitters helpfully stocks this ballet maxi dress and these ballet flats. Decorate your hair with either a flower crown, a low ponytail tied with a drapey chiffon hair bow, or a tight bun paired with delicate gold headband. Add a pale-colored pair of tights to a set of leg warmers to keep your legs warm.

2. Cher from Clueless

Ecote Hedgerow Blazer, $94,; Toggle Cuff Over the Knee Socks, $16,; BDG Classic White Oxford Shirt, $39,; Cooperative Quinn Pelmet Skirt, $49,; Maude Patent Heel, $89,

If you want a Halloween costume that celebrates the '90s, what better place to look than Urban Outfitters? This is Cher Horowitz's "most capable" driving outfit: an oversized black blazer atop a white button down (buttoned all the way up) and white and grey mini skirt, plus white knee socks and patent Mary Jane shoes. Her Mary Janes were silver but black will suffice. Don't forget to give your hair a fabulous blow-out and be sure to carry around armloads of shopping bags all night.

3. Wednesday Addams

Cooperative Wednesday Collar Ponte Dress, $69,; Faux Fur Lined Tights, $18,; Lyle Heeled Lace Up Boot, $89,; Day Of The Dead Skull Candle, $40,

Of course Urban Outfitters has this exact dress and of course they named it "Wednesday." This is a really easy (and warm) outfit. The faux fur-lined tights will keep your legs toasty all night, and these particular boots seem like just the kind Wednesday would choose to kick ass. You can carry around a skull for extra creepiness, and don't forget your deadpan expression and braided pigtails.

4. Hipster Ariel

Pins And Needles Geo Lace Bra, $24,; Urban Renewal Remade Velvet Flare Pant, $69,; Granger Readers, $16,; Manic Panic Hair Color, $12,

Nobody over the age of 11 is dressing like a Disney princess in earnest anymore; it's all about the disaffected hipster princesses now. This purple bra shows just enough skin, whereas these green velvet flare pants are reminiscent of Ariel's fish tail. The oversized glasses get the hipster part across, and if you're really feeling ambitious you can use some Manic Panic hair dye to get Ariel's signature hair color. Spend the night talking about how you knew about dinglehoppers before they were cool.

5. A Lumberjack

Urban Renewal Recycled Buffalo Plaid Coat, $98,; Urban Renewal Recycled Workwear Overall, $74,; BDG Cuffed Ribbed Knit Beanie, $19,; Dr. Martens 6-Eye Hiker Boot, $125,; Buffalo Check Leather Mitten, $49,

If you google "Lumperjack costume," you'll probably notice that all the men's lumberjack costumes (left, below) are traditional lumberjack outfits with jeans and plaid shirts whereas the women's lumberjack costumes (right, below) are comically sexualized, with plaid crop tops and tiny cut-offs plus heels. That's fine if it's your thing, but if not, how about a more realistic version that won't force you to freeze all night?

It's actually a little scary just how easy it is to find an entire lumberjack costume at UO. In fact, the hardest part is narrowing it down to just one plaid flannel item. If you're looking for a fun couples' costume, it'd be easy to double up on this one. And if your boyfriend is the enlightened type, see if he'd be willing to be the sexy half of the couples' costume for once (provided he can squeeze into these cut-off shorts). That'll give new meaning to the word "lumbersexual."

6. A Witch

Urban Renewal Recycled Hooded Cape, $149,; Ecote Bella Donna Bell-Sleeve Mini Dress, $99,; Velvet Renaissance Choker Necklace, $20,; Jeffrey Campbell Caspian Lace Up Boot, $230,

A witch costume is a classic for a reason: you get to feel dramatic and powerful all night. Be sure to wear a witchy dress in case you get warm and have to take off the hooded cape; the Ecote Bella Donna dress above has dramatic sleeves, but you could also choose a sexy black maxi dress or a velvet dress in jewel-tones. Pile on the jewelry, too; a velvet choker is a nice nod to all our favorite '90s witches (The Craft, anyone?). Plus if you needed an excuse to buy these amazing Jeffrey Campbell Caspian boots, well, now you have one.

7. Party Animals

Horse mask, $32,; German Shepherd Mask, $36,; Wolf Mask, $80,; Cat Mask, $35,; Poodle Mask, $36,; Light-Up LED Balloons, $12,; Panda Head, $68,; Yay Balloons, $16,; Pug Mask, $80,

This is a great group costume, although you can also go as a singular party animal by yourself (or go as a dog and have your partner go as a cat for a free pass to fight all night). Just don animal masks from Urban Outfitters' Halloween shop and carry around balloons and confetti, then party hard all night long. The best part of this costume is that you can stay comfy in your regular clothes, or if a mask isn't for you, get cozy in one of Urban Outfitters' animal onesies. (The platypus onesie is unexpectedly creepy.)