Ryan Murphy & Gwyneth Paltrow Have A New Show Coming Out & These 9 Actors Need To Appear On It

To me, there’s perhaps nothing more exciting than getting wind of a new television show that incorporates singing at it’s very core. That excitement increases ten-fold when I hear a certain special name attached to it. As it turns out, Ryan Murphy and Gwyneth Paltrow are doing a musical TV show together. According to E! Online, the show, One Hit Wonders, was initially supposed to be a film of the same name. But now it’s getting the small screen treatment in hopes of getting another chance.

If you’re skeptical of the Murphy and Paltrow pairing because you still feel a bit burned by Glee (and, what fan doesn’t?), don’t be. Admittedly, the synopsis for this sounds too good to pass up. E! Online, per The Hollywood Reporter, describes the premise for the show as this,

“Paltrow will play a 40-year-old one hit wonder who gets a second chance 15 years after recording her sole hit song: a record label is looking to form a super group, which will include her and two other singers who also had hit songs in the '90s. While the label has ulterior motives, the group will take off, with the trio becoming an inspiration to women everywhere.”

I don’t know about you, but the first thing that came to my mind was the wealth of talent that Murphy has rounded up over the years on his various shows. There are so many of his current and past employees that are major triple threats. Here's a list of Murphy's best and brightest singer/actor/dancers that could add tremendously to this show.

1. Lea Michele

If there's a Murphy show centered around singing, and Michele isn't immediately invited to at least guest star, I don't know anything. Michele's voice should be heard everywhere, at all times.

2. Kristin Chenoweth

Is there anything she can't do?! She's just one of the Wicked ladies who added an extra dimension of talent to the Glee world so effortlessly.

3. Idina Menzel

Everything said for Chenoweth goes for Menzel, as well. That power house voice? It's a must have for any singing show.

4. Angela Bassett

An American Horror Story darling and for very good reason. Bassett is simply amazing and can sing, act, and dance everyone's socks off.

5. John Stamos

Murphy's acquisition of Uncle Jesse as a singing dentist on Glee was perhaps one of his best decisions. Hopefully lightning strikes twice, and he'll invite Stamos to light up his screen once more.

6. Jessica Lange

The star power, man. Besides, who can actually take a Lana del Rey song and make it even better? Only Lange can.

7. Keke Palmer

Possibly one of my favorite Scream Queens characters, Palmer knows how to play coy yet innocent with great comedic timing. If her impressive acting skills weren't enough to get her on this new show, I think her stint as Broadway's Cinderella sure could.

8. Kate Hudson

If you need talent and 'tude, Hudson's got it in spades. Her role on Glee was a testament to her triple threat, imminent diva status.

9. Neil Patrick Harris

Dude can do it all. Even creep us out, as his AHS character has more than proven. But the important thing here is that musical theater is a part of his DNA and this show could use him in practically any capacity.

Whether he decides to incorporate this exact list of people or not, I'm sure he'll be using some familiar faces to make this show really stand out.

Images: Giphy (8); thedivinezeros/Tumblr