Jamal & Hakeem Need More 'Empire' Duets

Empire might be a show about sibling rivalry on an epic scale, but isn't it better when everyone gets along? "Snitch B*tch" was fine for a prison jam, but I live for the Jamal and Hakeem duets on Empire. Forget Dynasty and Lucious and all of that drama with Mimi Whiteman. These boys are talented and, if they were ever able to work together, could really take the music industry by storm. If they could make music all the time, all the problems would be solved! Well, maybe not all of their problems, but you know what I mean.

The Powers that Be on Empire knew that the easiest way to collapse this company was by coming between the two younger Lyons. Hakeem and Jamal have been pitted against each other by both of their parents, their older brother Andre, as well as the media. Over the course of the first season, the duets definitely take on different flavors. Like any good musical storytelling, you can get a sense of their relationship's current standing by the performance. Here is a ranking of their seven big duet moments on Empire in Season 1 and Season 2 based not on quality or hum-ability, but brotherhood.

7. "Born To Lose"

The "#FreeLucious" rally in the Season 2 premiere brought Hakeem and Jamal together for a moment, and it was glorious. However, off-stage was a different story. Hakeem didn't want to support his Dad, and Jamal was twisting an invisible evil mustache as the head of the label ready to backstab his own brother and mother.

6. "Ain't About The Money"

We first heard this at the same rally, but it's coming back in Wednesday's episode "Poor Yorick," so let's give it and their relationship another chance.

5. "Money For Nothing"

Jamal and Hakeem Lyon, united over their love of microwaves and capitalism... or something. They bickered a bit in this episode over performance choices, but the end product was fine.

4. "What the DJ Says"

They may seem chummy onstage honoring their Dad, but that's only because Jamal doesn't know what Hakeem does about Lucious' fate. Tricky,

3. "You're So Beautiful"

Whether they're performing with friends or family, this old standard brings the younger Lyon brothers together.

2. "No Apologies"

Their most solid collaboration to date, in my humble opinion. The performance also turned heads about how strong Jamal and Hakeem are when united. That's why we haven't seen anything as good as this in a while.

1. "Live In The Moment"

That said, this duet is just pure joy. Way back when the show first started, these boys had no worries. They were just making music and having fun. I miss it.

Image: Matt Dinerstein/FOX