America Voted Biggest Threat To World Peace

Aaand, the votes are in: America has been voted the world's most significant threat to world peace. Not Syria with its chemical weapons, not Iran and their alleged nukes, not North Korea and it's whatever-the-hell-it's-doing-now. Nope. 'Murica, according to an end-of-year worldwide survey by Gallup and the Worldwide Independent Network, an independent polling firm that partners up with Gallup. Ironically, it's also one of the top three places people would like to live if they could live anywhere.

America was voted the world's most significant threat to peace by 24 percent of people in more than 60 countries, getting triple the votes as Pakistan, which came in second. The reason? Apparently it's down to America's demonstrated reputation as a police state, which even Americans have caught on to: 13 percent of American citizens voted for America's first-place ranking.

In the Middle East and Northern Africa, where American intervention has been the most tangible, citizens were the most likely to put America as the world's biggest threat. Russia and China also named America as top threat, which isn't surprising — but it is more out of the blue that Greece and Turkey, two allies, also ticked the USA box on the vote. 45 percent of respondents in each of the two countries pointed the finger at America as the world's biggest threat.

Over in the Middle East, however, Lebanon, Morocco, and Iraq all chose Israel as the biggest threat to world peace. In other Islamic countries, the U.S. and Israel tended to be neck-and-neck for the dubious distinction.

In good lady-news from the survey, one-third of the world believed the world would be a better place if there were more female politicians. Well, obviously.