Jennifer Lawrence & Nicholas Hoult Spent The Holidays Living Out a Rom-Com in England

Of the celebrity pairs we could name, Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult are an adorably (and impressively) under the radar couple considering that J. Law's star shines with the brightness of a thousand suns from most corners of the Internet right now. And so it was that they probably thought their quiet holiday stay in Hampshire, England would fly under the radar as well. Alas.

Lawrence — whom you may have heard of, she's starred in some tiny films no one's really paid attention to, like The Hunger Games, Silver Linings Playbook, American Hustle, and Internet Gifs 101 — and Hoult, her X-Men co-star and longtime on/off boyfriend who was also the hunky/sociopathic star of the first two series of Skins, spent the holiday break together in Hoult's hometown of Hampshire, and now the Internet's all atwitter over their young love.

Just look: A couple of lucky fans snapped a picture with Lawrence and Hoult (viewable below) and we are gravely offended by how bored the girl in the middle looks.

We will spare you any British wordplay — "[they went] sightseeing in Oxford (we hope they made each other comma all night long after that)," really Perez Hilton? Really? Ha — because we love you too much for that, but rest assured that the pair were there, frolicking around places where your romantic comedy fantasies live, like Notting Hill and the English countryside. They were probably even sung to sleep by Richard Curtis and the ghost of Jane Austen!

That's what England's like, right?

To J. Law and N. Hoult we wish a happy 2014 full of more quasi-under-the-radar adventures.

Image: Twitter, 20th Century Fox