Sister Harriet Is In Jail On 'The Knick' Season 2 & It's Up To Cleary To Help The Dedicated Nun

After a small time-jump, The Knick returned for Season 2 on Friday night, picking up far enough past the Season 1 finale to show that Dr. Thackery continued to struggle with addictions to both heroin and cocaine, Cornelia moved to San Francisco, and worst of all, Sister Harriet has been jailed for performing abortions. Yes, the patron saint of decency who risked it all to help women end unwanted pregnancies was imprisoned, and it was utterly devastating to watch. We can see the heartbreak cross Sister Harriet's face as her mentor — the woman who brought her into the Catholic church — disowns her for admitting that the accusations are true. One thing Sister Harriet does not express, however, is regret, which is why she continues to be one of the most interesting, sympathetic, and frankly, badass, characters on The Knick.

Though she doesn't have any friends left in the Catholic church, Sister Harriet still has Tom Cleary. Humorously vulgar, Cleary is one of the most charismatic characters on the show and watching his friendship with "Harry" blossom into something truly heartfelt was one of the highlights of Season 1. Though they weren't explicitly stated, the the details of her capture were alluded to in their brief jail chat. Harriet went to perform an abortion alone because Cleary was out drinking, and walked into a trap. Whether motivated by guilt, friendship, or (more likely) a little of both, Cleary is hiring a lawyer to free Sister Harriet and using all of his own money to fund her defense. He even used the money Cornelia gave him to buy an automobile and is managing a boxer — one of his many new investments.

Everyone spent "Ten Knots" dealing with the fallout of last season's events, and all faced heavy consequences. What sets Sister Harriet apart is that I am fervently rooting for her to be released. Hopefully, Cleary will find a way to have her freed, so Sister Harriet can end The Knick Season 2 in a better place than she started it.

Image: Mary Cybulski/HBO