'The Vampire Diaries' Mystic Grill Might Become Real: 5 Other TV Eateries That Need to Follow Suit

It's about to get really real in Covington, GA. — some seriously obsessed fans of the CW's The Vampire Diaries want to open a fully operational version of the show's Mystic Grill. The Kickstarter page promises that the restaurant will feature some of the same elements that we "all have come to know and love" about the Mystic Grill and even a bar stool dedicated to TVD's Alaric Saltzman, just like on the show. The fundraising goal for the project is set at $30,000 and fans have until Jan. 29 to contribute to the cause (they've currently pledged $285) and receive thank-you benefits that range from t-shirts to exclusive dining experiences on the restaurant's planned roof deck.

Sounds like a dream come true for a Vampire Diaries super-fan, right? You'd just have to use your imagination a little bit to picture your favorite characters sitting in the both next to yours.

The launch of this Kickstarter and the announcement of Project: Mystic Grill got us thinking about other famous, fictional restaurants that we wish we could go to in real life. So many of the show's we've known and loved to the point of psychotic obsession in the past have featured a restaurant almost as much as our favorite characters. What would Gilmore Girls be without Luke's Diner? Or Friday Night Lights without the Alamo Freeze? They wouldn't be the same shows, that's for sure. So as happy as we are for Vampire Diaries fans that someone is answering the demand for fictional restaurants being reality, here are our top five pics from our favorite shows that we need to open in the near future:

Luke's Diner — Gilmore Girls

If there's one thing about Stars Hollow that stands above all others (and everything about Stars Hollow is pretty damn great) it's Luke's Diner. Anyone who undertook this recreation would have to pay specific attention to detail — and by that we mean the "No Cell Phones" sign above the counter. They'd also have to find someone to serve as main cell phone rule enforcer and coffee provider that was the perfect mix of grumpy and less grumpy. On second thought, diehard Gilmore Girls fans might be a little too hard on this venture for it to succeed.

Karen's Cafe — One Tree Hill

"The place where everything's better and everything's safe." We're talking about the original Karen's Cafe, not Season 9's Karen Cafe 2.0. I always had trouble feeling convinced that Karen actually made all of her cakes, pies, and dishes all on her own but either way, but if someone opened a Karen's Cafe in North Carolina, we'd probably move there.

Alamo Freeze — Friday Night Lights

Unfortunately for us, Matt Saracen and Smash Williams won't actually be working behind the counter — but that wouldn't stop us from making a special trip over there. The filming location of FNL's Alamo Freeze is actually a Dairy Queen in real life — try to wrap your brain around that one.

The Pie Hole — Pushing Daisies

A restaurant that serves pie and only pie and is shaped like a pie? Yes, we need that and we need it now. Maybe Lee Pace should actually open and operate one of these when he's done shooting The Hobbit.

Los Pollos Hermanos — Breaking Bad

Sure, Gus is dead and the business was mainly a front from his distribution of crystal meth. But the way people raved about that chicken — why the hell would Breaking Bad fans not want a real life Los Pollos Hermanos with epically good fried chicken?

Image: The CW (3), NBC, ABC, AMC