6 Halloween Costumes You Can Wear To Work

There are two types of Halloween employees: the type who love wearing Halloween costumes to work and the type who hate those costume wearers. At least, that's how it's always been in every office I've ever worked at. But annoying all the office Halloween haters is part of the fun of dressing up for work, right? Well, that and buying awesome new clothes that you might not feel comfortable wearing during the year.

The bad thing about dressing up for work is that if you get too complex with your costume, you might not be able to get much work done. Enter these easy costumes that offer a big effect without being a big inconvenience. They also have pretty comfortable footwear options if you have a job that requires you to be on your feet all day.

Each of these costumes can be purchased or made at home with a little DIY elbow grease and a hot glue gun. The work-appropriate Halloween costumes are also all easily adaptable to any size, because that's just how all things should be. Try your local thrift store for some of the base pieces to save money. Or, if you can swing it, splurge on an awesome new black dress for Wednesday Adams or hot new leggings for Mia Wallace.

1. Greek Goddess

Plus Size Olympic Goddess Costume, $39, Halloween Costumes

This costume works for everyone and anyone because you just need ribbon, gold cord, and white fabric from the craft store. This tutorial takes you through how to make the costume in under five minutes.

Or you can purchase a costume. This website features costumes in all sizes.

2. Zombie

Zombie costumes are pretty much the little black dresses of Halloween work attire. You can wear pretty much anything, including your regular uniform, with a little zombie makeup. You can also pretend you're making a statement about the monotony of your forced participation in capitalism.

Zombie Makeup Kit, $10, Spirit Halloween

Dirty up your work uniform a little, if you can, and you're good to go. If you're lucky, you might even wake up with perfect zombie hair. You can also try some of these stick-on wounds.

3. Wednesday Adams

If you want to wear mostly regular clothes but still be something dark and easily recognizable, Wednesday Adams is the perfect choice. Skip to the tutorial at 1:50 to get some inspiration and check out the items below to put the costume together yourself.

Record Time Dress, $55, Mod Cloth

Vintage Black Dress Peter Pan Collar, $33, Ali Express

Or this one that comes in sizes to 5x.

4. Sims Character

This costume requires almost no costume, so it's perfect if you either have to dress up against your will or have an active job that can't be interrupted by too much costume. Just try not to catch your baby on fire or pee your pants at your neighbor's garden party.

5. '80s Prom Or Party Girl

This costume is really fun to put together and wear. Plus everything '80s is in again, so you might even get to reuse these costume pieces in your everyday life. Scour your thrift store for any kind of poofy, satin dress and crimp your hair for maximum party.

Here are a few things you might need:

Bed Head Totally Bent 2" Crimper, $40, Amazon

Black Fingerless Lace Gloves, $6, Costume Discounters

6. Uma Thurman/Mia Wallace From Pulp Fiction

This is another costume that just mostly requires regular clothes, but is instantly recognizable. You pretty much just need a white button down, black leggings and a blunt cut black wig with bangs.

Cleopatra Long Blunt Bob Wig With Bangs, $20, Party City

Opi Bogata Blackberry, $10, A mazon

Apt. 9 Structured Essential Buttoned Down Shirt in White, $30, Kohl's

It's a tricky tightrope to walk between being dressed up enough to be festive and too overdressed to work. These costumes have your back.

Images: Courtesy Brands; Lorraine Stanick/YouTube