Plus Size Archer & Lana Halloween Costume Ideas For Fans Of Cosplay & Spies

When you consider that the voice actor for Archer is also the voice for Bob's Burgers, it's pretty easy to re-imagine Archer as a plus size person and subsequently imagine the fun you'll have putting together some plus size Archer and Lana Halloween costumes. Although most of us mere mortals might not ever be able to reach the professionalism of Archer cosplay ensembles — after all, it is only a Halloween costume — getting somewhere close to that is pretty achievable nontheless.

A guy in a suit is not the most unique of costumes, so you'll have to get practicing on your accent. But a Lana-approved ensemble will really bring this couples costume to next levels.

The best part about Halloween is letting our imaginations run wild, especially when it comes to costume ideas. When you have your costume on and you know you look and feel good in it, you can easily embody any character, regardless of that character's physical or aesthetic differences to you.

At the end of the day, when you're cosplaying a cartoon, you're essentially taking a 2D image and bringing it to the 3D world. It's like your very own live action film interpretation of a show you love that you're in charge of casting. If you want to make Archer and Lana plus size, who's to stop you? It's your costume and your Halloween, and with these looks, nobody will be able to argue with you about authenticity.

1. Archer's Outfit

Skinny Fit Suit Pants With Stretch, $45, ASOS; Skinny Fit Suit Jacket With Stretch, $36, ASOS; Big & Tall Regular Fit Dress Shirt, $26.25,; Skinny Black Tie, $15, Target; Silver Tie Clasp, $2, Amazon

This is a great chance to invest in a good suit. Or — if you're on a budget — you hopefully already have all these staple items in your closet. All you'd need to do then is get the tie clip (which is under $3 and would make this one of the cheapest costumes ever).

2. The Beauty Looks

If you're feeling creative, painting a more cartoony look on top of your own features is a great way to make your costume stand out and, you know, allow people to recognize who you're meant to be. After all, what's Halloween without a little makeup?

With the addition of a few feminine tweaks — think cat-eye liner or a painted nude lip — envisioning Lana with a cartoon character's face will help bring this costume to the next level.

3. Archer's Accessories

Super Squirter Clear Water Gun, $4, Amazon

Please be careful and only consider a weapon accessory if you're definitely going to be around folks who can appreciate the costume element of this toy. This water gun will give you that international spy edge and the ability to squirt any enemies you come across in the face.

4. Lana's Outfit

White Long Sleeve Turtleneck Midi, $28, Starstruck Fashion Oversized Gold Hoop Earrings, $18, ASOS; Wide Croc Waist Belt, $14, ASOS; Thigh High Boots, $96, Leather and Heels

I must say, imagining Lana's look applied to real life brings me so much pleasure. It's such a good style regardless of Halloween, so you can buy the costume and wear it every other day of your life as well.

5. Lana's Accessories

Cross Draw Shoulder Holster, $10, Amazon

Where would this look be without Lana's infamous double holster? Consider filling it with your makeup, phone, and money for your Halloween night out instead of a gun. That way you won't need a bag and you won't have to freak anyone out either.

The best part about both of these looks is that they're totally re-wearable once All Hallow's Eve has come and gone (except the BB gun, that is).

Images: FX (1); Courtesy Brands