You Need This Mascara Removing Hack In Your Life

Removing makeup, especially a waterproof formula, can be pretty annoying. But getting frustrated with a stubborn formula and tugging at lashes is not the best way to remove mascara. You probably don't want to lose any lashes from using a heavy hand to wipe and smear away mascara, and you probably don't want to damage or prematurely age the sensitive skin around your eyes by doing this either. So instead of trying to use a sub-par remover and rubbing or pulling your lashes to remove mascara, try one of these better removers and methods.

In addition to traditional eye-makeup removers, I've found that baby shampoo, coconut oil, and olive oil are also great options for removing stubborn mascara. All three of these products will be able to remove even waterproof mascara easily. But instead of just pouring some on a cotton round and swiping at your eyes, there are gentler ways to remove mascara that won't result in the loss of eyelashes or irritated eyes. The first is by pouring a little bit of your remover-of-choice onto your fingertips before gently massaging your lashes. As long as you don't pull or rub too hard, mascara should easily flake away. If you prefer a slightly less-messy option though, use a cotton round instead of your fingers, and follow these simple steps.

1. Soak Cotton Round

Start by soaking a cotton round in your remover of choice. I'm going to use olive oil because I like how it can condition and strengthen lashes.

2. Hold Round Against Closed Eye

Hold the soaked cotton round against each closed eye for 20 to 30 seconds. This will help loosen the mascara so it more easily slides off your lashes without you having to rub and damage them.

3. Gently Slide Down Over Lashes

Very gently wiggle and slide the cotton round down over your lashes. The majority of your mascara should wipe away easily.

4. Gently Slide Up Over Lashes

But because we usually apply more mascara to the bottom side of our lashes, it's important to target this side as well. Fold your cotton round in half, and gently wiggle and slide it up over your lashes to remove any remaining mascara.

5. Clean Around The Edges

Then, just continue to gently press and sweep the cotton round around the edges of your eyes to remove any lingering mascara.

(Left: Mascara on top and bottom lashes; Right: Clean lashes after using olive oil)

Pretty easy, right?

Images: Miki Hayes