How To Do Kylie Jenner Lips For Halloween

The Kardashians and Jenners are topping the list of celebrity costumes to look forward to this Halloween. So if you're considering dressing up as the youngest of the Jenner sisters, you're going to want a Kylie Jenner lip tutorial to ensure you get your version of Miss Jenner's infamous lips just right. Sure, there are plenty of semi-permanent plumping options out there, but since most of us don't feel the urge to go that extreme for a Halloween costume, this tutorial will be focused on creating Jenner's trademark luscious lips with things you have on hand (or that you can purchase easily from your local drugstore or beauty supply shop). This way, you can put the majority of your Halloween budget toward the other pieces of your costume (like a zombie makeup kit to create Zombie Kylie Jenner).

So, what's the best way to tackle creating a full pout, even if you have naturally thin lips? Well, you can go the route of quick fixes, like sucking on a shot glass. But if you've spent any time looking at some of the terribly botched, bruised, and red rimmed results of that labor, you might not be eager to give it a try. Sure, it's not difficult, but it can be a bit painful. Plus, there seems to be a very fine line between effective plumping action and making awkward marks around your mouth.

When all is said and done, the most tried and true method for creating full lips without injection or plumping serums for your Kylie Jenner Halloween costume, or any other occasion, is overdrawing your lips. Luckily, the list of materials you'll need for this is short. You will want to have:

1. Hydrate

The very first step in taking your lips to the next level is staying hydrated. If you know you're going to be aiming for Kylie Jenner lips this Halloween, prep a few days in advance by drinking lots of water and cutting down on your coffee intake.

2. Exfoliate

Wondering where that toothbrush would come into play? Brushing your lips exfoliates any dead or dry skin from your pout and increases blood flow. This action alone will give your lips a temporary boost in appearance and plumpness. Plus, it kind of tickles, so that's fun.

3. Grab Your Liner

Are your lips nice and smooth? It's time to grab your favorite lip liner. Of course, Kylie Jenner tends to gravitate towards nudes, plums, and deeper hues, so if you're costume bound, keep that in mind.

The process of overdrawing your lips is not terribly complicated. Everyone has a few tricks, and some people even suggest putting foundation on your lips prior to lining and adding lipstick in order to make the look last longer. When it comes to the liner itself, start small, then sweep slowly out, adding depth and definition to the space around your lips. However, be sure not to extend your lip line at the edges of your mouth, or things will start to look strange and Joker-esque.

4. Add Matte Lipstick

If you're going for the quintessential Kylie Jenner nude, matte lipstick is your friend. Once you've overdrawn your lips with liner, and even filled in the whole lip with said liner (to ensure a more realistic looking blend), add a matte lipstick on top.

5. Go For The Gloss

To finish things off, add a layer of clear or nude lip gloss. The gloss will catch the light and will result in the appearance of an even fuller lip. Voila!

Not sure how much difference that actually made? Here's a little before and after for you.

Of course, everyone has a different lip shape, and while overdrawing your liner and lipstick will get you closer to Kylie Jenner's masterful pout, keep in mind that your lips are still your own. But imagine how much more dramatic this look would be in a plum or darker hue. And imagine how well it will go with your Kylie costume and freshly dyed blonde wig.

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Images: Jen Schildgen