'Community's Joel McHale & Alison Brie Have Rousing Things To Say About the Show's Return

Community comes back Thursday, Jan. 2. It's the kind of return that in some ways is typical in television — it's a renewed TV show having its season premiere, no big deal — but it's also the return of a rather storied, heavily beloved showrunner to the show that sprang from his brilliant, idiosyncratic mind. And so in a way it's a Lazarus Rising situation — one that has theoretically not become entirely uncommon in television, but one worth paying attention to nonetheless. And so Community 's stars — Joel McHale and Alison Brie among them — have been making the rounds talking about the show's return, showrunner Dan Harmon, and what it all means to them.

Time will tell whether Community will be granted a sixth season (it's kind of a miracle they've lasted this long), but one thing's for sure: This cast is psyched to be back, especially with Harmon again at the helm.

Asked by Rolling Stone if doing the show without Harmon last year was a "going through the motions" experience, Brie responded:

As for what it's like to have Harmon back:

McHale, too, has been talking, most specifically in his recent Reddit AMA. Here's what he said on the return of Harmon and the departure of Donald Glover:

And more, as well as on his character, Jeff Winger:

All signs point to it being a great season, folks.

Image: NBC