How To Dress Like Left Shark For Halloween Because All You Want To Do Is Dance (Badly)

Does the spirit of dance live in your body, but get lost somewhere between your heart and your feet? Left Shark understands. In fact, a Left Shark Halloween costume might be just the thing you need to get your dance on without fear of ridicule. Because everyone will expect you to dance poorly. It kind of comes with the territory. And that's the dream, right?

For the uninitiated, Left Shark was one of the background dancers in Katy Perry's 2015 Superbowl halftime show. While Right Shark had his/her Macarena moves on lock, Left Shark, well... really didn't. What started out as a tightly choreographed beach booty work session turned into a listless display of flopping and flapping. And the Internet went wild. Several news outlets named Left Shark the real Superbowl MVP. A flurry of funny Twitter posts and memes firmly cemented Left Shark's place in the pop culture center of our hearts.

Left Shark may have been a brief, fading moment in time, but he or she has made a comeback in the form of Halloween tribute costumes. I've rounded up tutorials, shopping links and even tees, so that whatever your Halloween Left Shark needs may be, they're covered. All you'll need to add are the awkward dance moves.

1. DIY With This Easy, No-Sew Tutorial

TheSorryGirls on YouTube

This tutorial uses fabric glue, fleece, and foam board to make a really authentic Left Shark body suit and head.

2. ... Or Buy A DIY Costume Pattern

Pattern for Left Shark Costume, $30, Etsy

This pattern gets a little more precise and takes a little more time and effort to put together. It's for the Left Shark who demands nothing shy of perfection, except when it comes to dance moves.

3. Buy A Costume

Left Shark Costume, $80, Halloween Costumes

There's no shame in skipping the DIY thing and ordering your Left Shark costume online. Some of these costumes will put you back a few bucks, but the lack of effort and final results will be worth every penny.

Katy Perry Official Super Bowl Left Shark Halftime Funny Mascot Costume, $60, New Egg

Get the same costume here.

Blue Cute Shark Flannel Womens Jumpsuit Pajamas Costume, $29, Pink Queen

There's also this gem.

Men's Shark Costume, $45, Target

And we can thank Target for this one.

Party Shark Costume, $5, Amazon

And finally, if you're really wanting to commit to the look.

4. Buy The Official Katy Perry Left Shark Jumpsuit

Katie Perry Left Shark Belovesie, $130, Katy Perry

Being America's favorite disappointment has never been so fashionable.

5. Half-Shark Your Costume By Wearing A Left Shark Tee

This Is My Sexy Left Shark Costume Tee, $20, Look Human

Sometimes you don't have the time or motivation to wear a costume. Or you're anti-costume and your workplace requires it. Or you're into Halloween but you're lazy. Here's your solution.

Katy Perry Status T-Shirt, $25, Katy Perry

Or some of this.

This Is My Sexy Left Shark Costume, $25, Look Human

Or a little bit of this.

6. Learn The Moves

pnthrpaw on YouTube

What's Left Shark without dance moves? Just a lonely mascot adrift in a sea of dancing mascots.

No need to practice your dance moves, obvi. Just ask the Halloween party DJ to add "Teenage Dream" to the rotation so You can totally have your moment. your friends might even form a circle around you while you dance, like in the movies.

Images: Courtesy Brands