#BabiesForBernie Is The Cutest Political Movement To Ever Hit Instagram

These babies are ready for a change — and I'm not talking about their diapers. Parents of the Interwebs are posting photos of their babies on Instagram with the hashtag #BabiesForBernie, in what has to be one of the cutest social media trends... ever? Some carry signs, some wear Bernie onesies or campaign stickers... but the truly serious supporters are dressing up like The Man Himself. The Babies for Bernie movement, started by Ashira Siegel and Bryan Leggo, is meant to raise support for Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign. And if you're so inclined, you can even purchase Bernie-themed apparel for babies, kids, and adults, featuring the original Baby for Bernie, pictured above. From the official website:

Bernie Sanders speaks the truth, stands up for what he believes in and does not pander to anyone. He is not 'in the pockets' of Wall Street or corporate lobbyists. He believes in rebuilding America. Literally. He believes in economic justice and that corporate welfare needs to be stopped. He believes in workers rights and women's rights. He believes in racial justice, and that mass incarcerations and racial profiling are wrong and need to stop. He is an actual trustworthy politician and has the track record to prove it.

That's a lot of big words for such a tiny baby! OK, fine, that was written by the baby's parents. But hey, if that Bernie-loving babe could talk, I'm sure he'd share some of the same sentiments.

And speaking of the little guy who started it all... Here he is. Look at those toesies! Look at that triumphantly raised fist! This baby is a national treasure.

He's not the only baby feeling the Bern, though. Check out the adorable little legs on this tiny supporter! User @kathyforbernie exclusively posts Bernie memes, so if you're wondering what a stuffed Sanders looks like, or what Doge thinks of his platform, she's your gal.

Hats off to this creative kid. Political arts and crafts? Yes, please.

Oh, hi, bald eagle. Normally, you'd be the most interesting thing about this pic, but OMG cute baybay!

If you're into this little dude's chubby cheeks, but not so much his politics, please know that this baby's dad also Photoshops him as an astronaut, an extra in Forrest Gump, and more.

Think it's over? Oh, it's not over yet...

SHUT UP. Shut up, tiny baby, for I am dead. You have slayed me with your awesomeness.

I gotta hand it to all of these politically conscious babies. I am a registered voter and full grown adult, and yet I hadn't even heard of Jim Webb until two days ago. I am officially less knowledgeable about this campaign than a bunch of infants in diapers.

Images Courtesy of @ashira26, @kathyforbernie, @savforbernie, @mandojacks, @dempsigram, @trogdor_theberninator