7 Things You Should Know About Revlon's New Face

Revlon just announced who its latest dazzling brand lady is and wow, is she a stunner. The gorgeous Latina Alejandra Espinoza is an inspiring woman to say the least, and below are the are the all the things you should know about the new face of Revlon. Espinoza's warmth, charisma and, most importantly, authenticity, are sure to win you over.

Espinoza comes from an incredibly humble background and was born in Tijuana. She moved to the US with her parents and siblings at 16, and though life was far from picture perfect, she'd always dreamed of being on television.

Thanks to winning a Latina beauty pageant in 2007, which aired on Univision, Espinoza's wildest dreams suddenly came true. She signed with the network, now hosts Simon Cowell's newest music show, La Bamba, and recently welcomed a beautiful new baby boy into the world. Sounds to me like becoming the new face of Revlon is icing on the cake!

The sweet star will specifically be launching Revlon's first fragrance in years, as well a slew of new mascaras and matte lipsticks. I, for one, can't wait to see what are sure to be breathtaking ads starring Espinoza, and am excited to also get a whiff of whatever the new fragrance, "Love Is On," smells like!

Congrats again to Espinoza! If you're only getting to know her now, here are some fun facts to learn about Revlon's new star.

1. Her First Lipstick Was Revlon

Espinoza's first lipstick was Revlon's Super Lustrous Lipstick in Fire & Ice, according to PopSugar!

2. She Likes To Keep Things Classic

The star described her style to PopSugar as "polished, but effortless." How Hepburn of her!

3. She Calls Herself "The American Dream"

"I came from nothing" Espinoza told Daily Mail. "I am the American dream. My mission is to inspire young girls who think their dreams are impossible." It turns out when Espinoza first moved to the states, she spent her days after school working at a fast food restaurant and then long night shifts at clothing stores. #Hustle

4. Her Beauty Secrets Are Simple

Nothing too crazy here, Espinoza shared with Daily Mail, "I drink a lot of water. And I do yoga. Those are two of the most important things." Noted.

5. She Loves Being A Mom

One scroll through her Instagram and it's clear Espinoza is all about motherhood life!

6. Cream Blush Is Her Favorite

"I’m obsessed with it," she told PopSugar. "I think I could live on an island with it, just with it." That, my friends, is blush commitment.

7. She Has A Great Attitude Towards Beauty

Growing up, the star's mom told her, "You can put on a lot of makeup, or don’t wear any. Leave your hair long or color it. Just do whatever makes you happy." She attributes that body-pos wisdom to her confidence no matter what.

Can't wait to see the ads drop in November!

Image Credit: Alejandra Espinoza/Instagram