Aprii & Jackson Might Really Be Done On 'Grey's'

After April chose to come home for good and fight for her marriage on Grey's Anatomy, I thought for sure things would start to improve between her and Jackson... but apparently, I was wrong. Even when she was sick when she first came back from working overseas, it wasn't enough to convince Jackson to want to work on their relationship. No matter how much April tried to prove that she's not giving up on him, Jackson didn't want to hear it so much he packed his bags, walked out of their shared life together, and asked for a divorce. And now, there's more bad news: It doesn't seem to be getting any better. April's finally coming out of her denial about Jackson, and it's so heartbreaking to see.

So what finally made it hit home? April ran into Arizona, crying about finding true love in a supply closet. And then, she realized it. As April said, her true love wants a divorce. Don't worry, girl — it's just as bad for those of us watching at home. Remember how cute April and Jackson once were? Remember running away together in the middle of April's wedding? Remember how they were there for each other when they lost their baby?

Remember this?! Remember the love?!

We may never get to see it again, and I hate it. And now, it's starting to affect their ability to work together. April and Jackson managed to get into an argument while they were helping a patient — nothing new for a hospital this dramatic, but it's still pretty unprofessional.

Any hope I had for an April/Jackson reunion is basically dashed, but whatevs. At this point, I'm just grateful Shonda Rhimes has kept both of them alive... well, 'til now.

Images: ABC, Giphy