Justin Bieber & Ariana Grande Remix "What Do You Mean" For 'Purpose', But It Will Be A While Before Fans Can Listen

Am I the only person feeling lied to and betrayed this morning? It's hard out there for a Belieber. On Friday, fans could officially pre-order Justin Bieber's Purpose album, which comes out on Nov. 13, 2015, and will feature such hits as "What Do You Mean?" and "Where Are Ü Now." However, the one thing that fans were really looking forward to was the fact that Bieber and Ariana Grande remixed "What Do You Mean?" for the album, and that the song would be available along with the pre-order. Psych, not really. While you can pre-order Purpose, all you are doing is pre-ordering the "What Do You Mean? (Remix)" rather than acquiring it for early listening yourself. I know, I know. I'm bitter about it, too.

However, when I'm not being bitter, I am busy being amused. Mostly because Bieber claimed up and down that Ariana Grande would not be on his upcoming album — only to release this remix like he thinks he's slick. You are not slick, Bieber, we all had our eye on you, and it turns out that our eyes paid off. There is no clue or indication as to what this remix sounds like — you can't even get a preview listen! — but I'm willing to bet it sounds absolutely amazing. Both Bieber and Grande are amazing and soulful singers, so combining them for a slow-paced yet somehow tropical ballad like "What Do You Mean?" could only result in a complete eargasm for both of their fan bases.

Of course, thinking about what the song is going to sound like might not be that much of a consolation to fans who actually expected to get to listen to the song right now when they confirmed their pre-order. However, the Beliebers seem to be taking this in stride. Aside from the obvious confusion about whether or not the song was actually available, there's generally just been a mad rush to pre-order the album followed by fans poking amused fun at Bieber for claiming he hadn't collaborated with Grande when he totally had. It still remains to be seen if Bieber will release any other songs as singles prior to the album's release in a month, but, until then, maybe we'll get really lucky and he and Grande will perform the song live together at some point.

Until then, fans can pre-order Purpose on iTunes right now, and join together to start the countdown to the album that was three years in the making. If it's anywhere near as good as the singles have promised it will be, then they certainly won't be disappointed.