Meet 'Grand Budapest's Zero

If you woke up this morning all "I wonder which quirky and quiet Wes Anderson character I'll be assigning my heart to in 2014's upcoming Grand Budapest Hotel," well, we have the answer for you, because it it obviously Zero. This is especially evident in the first clip from The Grand Budapest Hotel , in which Ralph Fiennes' M. Gustave H. meets Tony Revolori's Zero Moustafa, the new bell hop at — you guessed it — the Grand Budapest Hotel. Fiennes' Gustave is hesitant about the hotel's new addition at first, but you can see him being won over pretty quickly. Who wouldn't be, especially after a line like "Family?" "Zero."

The clip is, of course, Very Very Wes Anderson, which is to say it's got:

  • Bold pops of color and period costume
  • Wes Anderson dialogue (you know the kind I mean)
  • Characters talking to each other over distances/circumstances that would be very difficult in the real world
  • Wes Anderson pacing *you know the kind I mean)
  • Lots of symmetry in its images
  • An aspect ratio that is no longer common in mass-marketed feature films

And god, we can't wait. You can see the clip below, as well as the original trailer for the film.

Image: Fox Searchlight