Meme Costumes For Halloween 2015 That Won't Cost You A Ton Of Money

A fun, creative Halloween costume that you're actually excited to wear is the goal for most of us on October 31 — usually the problem is thinking of something that's actually affordable. And that's why a solid DIY meme Halloween costume can be the perfect solution to your Hallow's Eve woes.

A good meme-inspired costume is basically like having an inside joke with everyone who has a computer and is always super appreciated by the Internet-obsessed. They also always make people laugh, and will get you major kudos for your creativity. As a costume aficionado who dresses up every single year, I can tell you first hand that store bought, factory-made costumes never impress as much as a unique and inventive original, and more importantly, are never nearly as fun or as satisfying to wear. Not only that, but homemade costumes are incredibly easy to pull off and usually require things you probably already have just lying around the house. Seriously, what's not to love?

So if you're down to the wire and are looking for a genuinely unique and super fun costume idea that won't break the bank, take a look at these seven meme-inspired costumes — I promise they'll be majorly appreciated.

1. Ermahgerd Girl

Just grab a patterned vest, some books, and throw your hair up in pigtails. And be sure to practice that face in the mirror for all your photo ops.

1970s Woven Sayulita Vest, $32.00,; Remington Plaid Scrunchies, $2.00,

2. Fist-Pumping Baby

This costume is so easy it's almost unfair. Just grab a baseball tee and keep that fist ready for pumping. Stick a picture of the actual meme on your shirt if you want people to get it extra fast.

Anvil 2184 Cotton Raglan Baseball T-Shirt, $9,

3. The Most Interesting Man In The World

The Dos XX Most Interesting Man In The World is a commercial character who has perhaps become most popular through his incarnation as a super popular meme. Bonus: This costume is majorly easy. Wear a black blazer over a white button up and keep a bottle of Dos XX in hand. And if you don't drink, no worries — just relabel an old plastic coke bottle, and you're set!

Women's Plus Size Twill Blazer, $39.99,; Northend Ladies Soil Release Broadcloth Shirt, Button Down, $7.75,

4. Grumpy Cat

Grab a pair of cat ears at the local costume pop-up shop, paint black rings around your eyes, and scowl. Done.

Cat Ear Headband, $12,

5. McKayla Maroney's "Not Impressed Face"

Grab a workout jacket, a bouquet of flowers, and tie some ribbon around your neck for a homemade silver medal. Then, much as with most of the other meme ideas, perfect your utterly unimpressed face.

TekGear Microfleece Mockneck Workout Jacket, $19.99,; 2" Costume Accessory Olympic Style Plastic Silver Medal, $0.99,

6. Hipster Ariel

Hipster Ariel is a perfect costume for the Disney-lover with a sense of humor. Wear green on your bottom half, a red wig, and big hipster glasses and you've got your basics. Grab chucks and drink from a mason jar for added effect.

7. Ryan Gosling Hey Girl

This is another super easy one. Grab a white shirt, print out a picture of The Gos to stick on your chest, and make a little makeshift sign that says, "Hey, Girl" (popsicle sticks are great for this). Meme-lovers everywhere will instantly get it and hail you awesome.

H&M Basic Tee Shirt White, $5.99,

Meme costumes are perfect for those of us who want to be something clever this year, but don't have the time or the money to get outrageous. Plus, memes are awesome. What more do you need?

Images: Jinx!, Richie S/Flickr; @omathie93/Twitter