A Drake Song Costume For Everyone In Your Crew

Last year, Drake was absolutely delighted about all of the Drake Halloween Costumes he saw on social media. There were plenty of Nothing Was The Same cover art costumes, the iconic 'Drake' forehead tattoo girl, and plenty of massive thick eyebrows to last the year. We all know how much Drake loves Halloween (and by Halloween, I mean OVO). But the idea of simply wearing a muscleman suit under a letterman jacket to capture the essence of this year's Drake seems a little tired. There are plenty of potential Champagne Papi costume concepts, but in typical Cheesy Drake fashion, I think the best are super literal interpretations of his songs.

If you didn't lose your cool the moment Drake and Future dropped What A Time To Be Alive — then you probably have little interest in the costumes coming your way. Only the most dedicated of fans will know exactly what your costume is trying to convey, but do you really want to talk to non-Drake fans anyway? Didn't think so. So, check out these very literal, very LOL-worthy Drake song costumes, and prepare for a lot of confused stares — but even more high fives. Because who doesn't want to be a part of Halloween Gang? Even if just for the night.

1. "Hotline Bling"

Because although yes, getting a call on your cell phone is more typical — who doesn't want to be called on their pink house phone? Add some fake jewels and your hotline will bling like no other.

Golden Eagle Trimstyle Pink, $19, Amazon

Plastic Diamond Ring Girl Party Favor, $2, Walmart

2. "Digital Dash"

Or if you're more of a PC person — you know what to do. The Nikes are non-negotiable, though.

Apple Logo Graphic T-Shirt, $15, Supergraphic Tees

Nike Flex Run 2015 Women's Running Shoe, $100, Amazon

3. "Jumpman"

Simply try to spend the majority of your night jumping around. People will totally get it.

WILSON NCAA MVP Rubber Basketball, $12, Amazon

4. "6PM In New York"

Or, like, 1 a.m. in Wisconsin. Whatever your geographic location allows.

Room Essentials Wall Clock, $4, T arget

I Love New York T-Shirt, $10, NYC Factory

5. "Madonna"

Get super meta, and dress up as Madonna performing Drake's "Madonna." Bonus points if you find a Drake-lookalike to sloppily make out with.

Big As Madonna Tee, $27, Skreened

Blocked Leather Fingerless Gloves, $30, Express

6. "Jungle"

Although it can be assumed that "Jungle" is about more of an urban jungle, it's way more fun to dress up as an actual jungle than a bunch of skyscrapers.

3D Chain Garland, $7, The Fabrics Factory

Mehron Fantasy FX Face Paint Tubes, $3, Clown Antics

A bunch of Halloween costumes based on Drake songs? A seasonal necessity, really.

Images: Giphy (2); Courtesy Brands