'Veronica Mars' Newest Trailer Offers New Footage, Glimpses Of Veronica Old & New

It is exactly three months and eleven days until the Veronica Mars movie is up on screens across the country and that tiny, feisty, cynical and modern Nancy Drew is back to highlight class divisions, solve crime, and deal with the tangled criminal webs her ex-boyfriend happens to hang out in. What that means is that there's a new Veronica Mars trailer, and it's a good one.

The trailer opens, as the past trailer did, with Jamie Lee Curtis questioning Veronica's personality: "Compulsive, addictive personality," Veronica herself offers up. "But that's not me anymore."

What is her at this moment in time might be fleeting, however, as Veronica is also about to get her Movie Heroine Call To Action: Logan Echolls has been accused of murder, because of course he has. What else does he have to do in his spare time than hang out with people who are definitely always seconds from being killed/involved in some kind of crime?

But our girl can't just let someone she thinks is innocent take the fall — she wouldn't be our Veronica if she did. And her adventures this time feature footage of Max Greenfield (Schmidt from New Girl!) as the former deputy Leo, so that's a plus.

In the trailer, Veronica returns to the fold of private investigation — as she said in the show's Season 2 premiere, "I thought I was out and they pulled me back in." And god damn are we glad they did, especially if that "don't go" she whispers to Logan leads where we hope it does.

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Image: The WB