This App Tracks When You Get Off

Purveyors of pleasure OhMiBod are known for upping the ante on how and where you can get off with their wireless sex tech. Whether you prefer to don their vibrating underwear and have your partner control the pulses in your panties via smartphone, or get down to the beat of your favorite song solo with their music vibrator synced up to your phone, there are a multiplicity of options for getting off with OhMiBod's easy-to-use app.

If all that functionality wasn't enough to whet your appetite, the app now includes a way to track your erotic actions with the "Oh-Dometer." (Cute, right?) According to an OhMiBod press release, you can "log orgasms, set weekly orgasm goals, and view orgasms over time." In addition, you can provide instant orgasm notifications to those you think should be kept abreast of your activities.

While this is all well and good, tracking orgasms could have the unintended side effect of discounting other forms of pleasure which are equally important. Just because you don't climax doesn't mean you didn't enjoy yourself, and coming shouldn't be a competition. It's awesome if you manage to hit 50 orgasms in one week, but it certainly doesn't mean they were all mind blowing or that you are somehow "better" or more sex positive than someone else who maybe only got around to five — or none at all!

That said, it does seem pretty interesting to see how your sexual activity rises and falls over time, so the "Oh-Dometer" will likely be a fun, useful tool. And if you're the type who already tracks how many steps you take or how much water you drink, then this will definitely appeal to your documentarian predilections.

Suki Dunham, founder of OhMiBod, suggests that the app's new function was designed to be in keeping with the trend of overall health tracking. "Research shows that people with healthy sex lives tend to have healthier lives overall," she said, "with benefits ranging from stronger immune systems to lower risk of heart attack. We chart our heart rates, caloric intake, steps taken, and activity. Keeping track of our orgasms is another important element of this big picture.”

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