9 Things You Can Only Get Away With Living At Home

Living at home doesn't sound like the most pleasant thing in the world. We tend to think of it as something of a last resort when we really don't see another way out. Why? Because for some crazy reason we value our freedom or something. Whatever your reason for moving back home might be, you are not alone. Hundreds of twentysomethings are making the move back, and it's becoming so normcore that it's not even something to be remotely ashamed about anymore. In fact, more power to you.

I guess with the economy finally bouncing back after the recession it's still pretty hard for most people to find a job right out of the bat after graduation. I know that I was lucky to have worked all through college and save up enough to move out right away, but alas, that isn't the case for everyone. So whatever your reason for moving back home — seriously, it could happen to the best of us — let me help you take your mind of having to dread the moment of entering your childhood bedroom. Instead, let's focus on all the dope aspects of moving back home, including and not limited to:

1. Getting Your Laundry Done Fo' Free

I don't know who thought it was a good idea to make laundry both expensive and at the same time annoying. It's a terrible business model. The amount of times I've had to take out other people clothes because they just left it in the machine are endless. Good new — you won't have that problem once you move back home.

2. Never Having To Clean Up After Your Roomies

Whatever your reason might be for having a messy house (roommates, laziness), your house never seems to have that problem. Your parents have mastered the art of making life and also keeping a clean home. #ballers

3. Never Grocery Shopping ... Like, Ever

Miraculously, there is always more in your fridge than an expired milk carton and three eggs! MAGIC!

4. Getting Expert Advice All The Time, Whenever You Need It

Your parents offered to let you live with them again. They are magical and awesome and full of infinite wisdom, and you should soak it up like a plant trying to find the sun.

6. Never Spending Your Hard-Earned Cash Money

Usually you burn through all your cash due to things like laundry and food and cleaning and RENT. Thank to your parents, you are saving that money to hopefully move out and do something with your life.

7. Taking A Long Time To Figure Out What The Hell You're Doing With Your Life

What better place to regroup than your childhood home? That was were you decided what college to go to and what career to pursue. Maybe being there can get you back on track.

8. Living In (Relative) Peace And Quiet

Remember that scary roommate who used to wait for you to get home and then show you their jar of nail clippings? Well, at least you won't have that at home. Or maybe you will. But in either case, at least you know what to expect form your folks.

9. Never Having To Cook Alone

This is my top reason. All the delicious home cooked meals that might make up for all that crap you usually eat. Mom, thank you and I love you. I will never take your cooking for granted again.

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