7 Boots For People With Cold Feet

What's a girl to do when winter is quickly approaching and you're pretty much always cold? There's nothing worse than having cold feet, and that problem only intensifies as the temperatures drop. You probably don't want to wear snow boots 24/7, and you also probably don't want to buy boots two sizes too big so you can wear three pairs of socks in a sad attempt to keep your toes warm, either. Luckily, boots that are fashionable and functional are hitting the market.

Now some of these boots aren't necessarily Polar Vortex-approved and might not keep your feet dry if you're anticipating trekking through snow, but they are warm enough to keep those of you with the coldest of feet nice and cozy. Fleece-lined boots, fur-lined boots, boots with extra layers of waterproof protection to keep your toes dry (and therefore, warm) — we've got them all.

The best part is that there are some really cute options. You don't have to sacrifice looking stylish to keep your feet warm and vice versa. From Timberlands to heeled booties, here are seven pairs of cute and warm boots that will keep your feet from being constantly freezing.

1. These insulated booties

These two-toned booties are insulated, plus they are waterproof. Throw on a pair of wool socks and you won't ever have to worry about your feet being cold again.

Cougar Connect Bootie, $150, Amazon

2. These fleece-lined boots

These fleece-lined boots are guaranteed to keep your feet warm and add a little ruggedness to any outfit. They also come in multiple colors and textures.

Timberland Authentics Teddy Fleece-Lined Fold Down Boots, $143, Amazon

3. These heeled booties

Who says heels can't be warm and cozy?

Analise Boot, $140, Amazon

4. These fringe boots

These just look so warm and comfortable that I want to buy them right now. I also love that they're emerald green and have fringe — so trendy.

Shenendoah boots, $96, Amazon

5. These wool-lined hiking boots

Fashionable and functional, these wool-lined boots will keep your toes toasty and also look great with distressed jeans and flannel or even a floral dress for a nineties vibe.

Denhali boots, $120, Amazon

6. These affordable shearling boots

Cozy and cheap? I'm sold.

Women's Dez Shearling Style Boots, $37.99,

7. These leopard print booties

These cute booties are double-lined and waterproof so they'll protect your cold toes from the elements.

Blondo Vaughan Cheetah Print Chelsea Boot, $119.95,

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Images: DSW (2), Zappos, UGG Australia (3), Target (1)