5 Food-Based Masks To Up Your Skincare Game

The juicing trend has just gotten a little bit more high-tech and infinitely cooler. A machine has been invented that is basically a juicer but instead of outputting a delicious liquid concoction, it creates a customized hydrogel sheet face mask. That's right — there is a juicer that makes face masks.

According to Refinery 29, this invention, which author Joyce Kong saw on display at the International Beauty Expo Korea, lets you create DIY face masks in as much time as it would take to make a smoothie. You place the fruits and vegetables into the juicer, add water and a special tablet which contains the thickeners necessary to make it actually form a sheet mask, and then watch magic happen as a personalized sheet mask is made in minutes. The mask-making juicer also comes with a manual detailing different fruit and vegetable combinations, so you can get the most out of your mask. You also have the option of adding different oils, serums and essences to the concoction to change the scent.

Unfortunately, this product won't be hitting shelves anytime soon. Kong reports that it is currently in the prototype stage as PNC International attempts to get it distributed in Korea, meaning it won't come to the United States for even longer. But as soon as this thing hits shelves abroad and domestically, I'm willing to bet it'll become a cult favorite for beauty and skincare enthusiasts. Head on over to Kong's Instagram to check out a video of how the machine works.

Since this invention is not going to be available until 2016 at the earliest, here are some yummy (although not edible) face masks you can use in the meantime.

1. This brightening lemon face mask

Tony Moly I'm Real Lemon Face Mask Sheet, $4, ULTA Beauty

This lemon oil-infused sheet mask will brighten your skin thanks to the citrus extracts. Place it on your face for 20 minutes, and voila! You now have sparkling skin.

2. Any mask from Sephora's face mask collection

Sephora Collection Face Mask, $6, Sephora

Sephora makes a bunch of little face mask pods with different scents for different purposes. This honey mask is meant to nourish and balance your skin. They also make a rose one, which is my personal favorite.

3. This cucumber mask

Que Bella Clarifying Cucumber Peel-Off Mask, $6, Target

This cucumber mask not only smells refreshing, but it does a good job of making your skin feel clean and fresh and it's available at Target, which is super convenient.

4. This exfoliating face mask

Nugg Face Mask, $4, Target

With cranberry seed oil and jojoba beads, this Nugg face mask will remove dead skin cells and make your skin super smooth.

5. This avocado-infused clay mask

Feeling Beautiful Avocado & Oatmeal Facial Clay Mask, $4.29, ULTA Beauty

As if we needed another reason to love avocados... This face mask uses clay to extract all of the dirt from your pores and then the avocado kicks in, moisturizing your skin because avocados are the best.

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Images: kerdkanno/Pixabay, Sephora, Target, Ulta