We Have Your Halloween Nail Art On Lock

Costume. Check. Hair. Check. Makeup. Double check. Nails? If you answered "no" instead of "check" then these Halloween nail art tutorials will save the day. The reality of the Halloween season is that you'll probably only wear your costume once or twice. There aren't really that many Halloween-specific style choices for the rest of the month. Nail art, however, is something you can wear every single day to show off your love of the season.

Nail art can be super complex, but it doesn't have to be. If you're new to the realm of nail art or if you've just never tried Halloween nails, the following tutorials feature designs that anyone can do.

Some of the tutorials use nail art tools, such as stripers, detail brushes, and dotting tools, but you can find household items to get similar effects. The tip of a bobby pin makes a great dotting tool. A toothpick can do most of the things that a detail brush can do (and makes a pretty excellent dotting tool, too). You can use scotch tape or masking tape instead of a striper to get crisp lines. And if the idea of doing a full 10 mini-paintings on your nails seems like too much, you can always just go for one accent nail and paint the rest a solid color. Your Halloween-loving friends will be envious of your skills, even if you think you don't have any. Trust me.

1. Mix And Match

This one tutorial gives you several cute ideas for one or more Halloween manicures.

2. Creepy Spiders

YouTube nail art goddess Robin Moses shows you how to make some creepy spiders.

3. Ombre Spooky Lanscape

These nails give you a ghostly Halloween landscape.

4. Blood Splatter Nails

If you're more into gore than spooky, try these blood splattered nails.

5. Candy Corn

Try not to eat these nails!

6. Skulls

A Halloween classic! Add eyelashes and a bow for a cute twist.

7. Frankenstein

Wear these and do a little Monster Mash. They're electrifying! Sorry, could help myself.

8. Ghosts

This tutorial shows you more than one way to create easy ghosts on your nails.

9. Jack Skellington

Christmas and Halloween all-in-one! Jack fans unite.

10. Black Cat

This tutorial shows you how to make both the cat body and face. Perfect for your inner crazy cat lady. Hey, that's a good costume idea!

Images: Screengrab/YouTube