These One Direction Songs Are So Underrated

Unfortunately for us fans, One Direction's days are finally numbered. Per an announcement released at the end of the summer, One Direction will take an extended hiatus beginning in March 2016. It's been hard to come to terms with the fact that the biggest boy band of our generation (pretty much of all time) will go MIA for some time. While we anticipate the release of Made in the A.M. , and start stocking up on Kleenex to deal with the resultant hiatus, we need to keep our mind off of things. To help us cope and slow down the clock, let's take a look back at some of the band's greatest, hidden gems that we often overlooked, but should now treasure.

Before there was #1YearSinceStealMyGirl and the Perfect EP, there were older pop anthems that defined the British/Irish boy band's career, and helped them stabilize their position on the music charts, and our hearts. During their five year reign consisting of slaying the game in every way possible, the "What Makes You Beautiful" singers released four record breaking albums: Up All Night, Take Me Home, Midnight Memories, Four, and their fifth soon, on November 13, Made in the A.M.

With over 12 singles and even more tracks, the process of picking a favorite song can be tedious and tiring. This can cause us to forget about some of the best songs that One Direction has released in their time of being the biggest band in the world. Which catchy, underrated songs got shoved under the rug while others reigned supreme? Here's the most necessary, in order of descending album:

13. "Save You Tonight" (Up All Night)

During high school, there was a period in my life where I strictly listened to One Direction (I like to think of it as an exclusive relationship), and even I forgot about this song. One of the fifteen on their first album, Up All Night, this was one of 1D's few encounters with dance music. It has an infectious beat that made for a great live performance.

12. "Tell Me a Lie" (Up All Night)

Who would ever lie to these men? An upbeat pop rock track, this one is another rager. Former member Zayn Malik slays the chorus, and the lyrics and instrumental are a clear representation of the band that they were in 2011.

11. "Same Mistakes" (Up All Night)

This song is very Maroon 5 circa 2010s. It's heartfelt, stripped down, but not enough to put you to sleep, and has a catchy chorus that should have made it a hit ballad for the "Steal My Girl" singers, but was never released as a single or performed live on their "Up All Night" tour.

10. "Everything About You" (Up All Night)

One of the few songs on the first album written by all five members at the time, with the help of Steve Robson and Wayne Hector, this song features the boys questioning why their love interest cares more about herself than anyone and anything, but, yet, they can't help but stick around. Its electronic sound make it impossible to not dance to.

9. "Last First Kiss" (Take Me Home)

This track has a very "OG boy band" feel to it. It's a heartfelt ballad that had fans everywhere hoping that one of the members could be their "last first kiss." The hype for this song increased with the help of their 2012 documentary, This is Us, when a clip of the band singing an impromptu, reggae inspired acoustic version of the song was shown.

8. "Back For You" (Take Me Home)

Who doesn't want to hear their favorite boy band sing about how, no matter what, they would always come back for them? Take it as you want to hear it, but this song is the ultimate pick me up. A more guitar and drum heavy song, its pop-rock melody was the perfect fit for this album, and it has a very "made for an arena" sound.

7. "Loved You First" (Take Me Home)

This song is easily in my top three favorite One Direction songs of all time bank. One of the "Limited Yearbook Edition Bonus Tracks," it is definitely one of the more known of the four, but didn't get nearly as much attention as it should have. Listen for yourself, and you will understand my angst.

6. "They Don't Know About Us" (Take Me Home)

More R&B than One Direction normally goes for, this pop/R&B sounding medley gave me major early 2000s boy band flashbacks. It is one of the few songs on 1D's early albums that strayed from the mainly pop theme that they were known for, which could explain why it is a gem that people don't remember often.

5. "Little White Lies" (Midnight Memories)

I know I shouldn't be angry if you are unfamiliar with this song or not, since the purpose of this list is to bring attention to some of One Direction's underrated masterpieces, but shame on you if you didn't know this one. It was the first One Direction song with a bass drop. Need I say more?

4. "Little Black Dress" (Midnight Memories)

1D doesn't get more rock than "Little Black Dress." Although this album was known for changing the band's sound, and helping them expand their reach to a more mature audience due to some it's indie rock/pop inspired tracks, this one stands out above the rest with it's '80s rock sounding instrumental and vocals.

3. "Change Your Ticket" (Four)

When fans first heard this song on One Direction's 2014 release, the first thing that came out of their mouths was that it had an eerie resemblance to something the 1975 would sing. This isn't a bad thing, considering the fact that the 1975 have allegedly written with/for the band before, and the fact that the song is fun, flirty, and catchy. So much summer, so much yes.

2. "No Control" (Four)

If there is any One Direction song that I wish was released as a single, it is this one. Co-written by Louis Tomlinson as the main writer on this track, it was his pride and joy, and the fans knew and appreciated this fact. This song was close to slipping through the cracks, even though it is the most fun, upbeat song on the album (similar to something Neon Trees would perform). But with the help of their avid supporters, 1D managed to take it to the top of the Billboard + Twitter Top Tracks chart in May.

1. "Where Do Broken Hearts Go" (Four)

Meant to be the band's third single off of Four, the song, and accompanying video, were never released as a single since the release date was around the time that Zayn Malik left the band. It's a shame, because this song is probably 1D's best rock inspired song, and the production is amazing.

With major changes ahead for the world's biggest boy band, it's easy to forget the past. Thankfully, you have me to remind you of some of the hidden One Direction songs that'll turn any day around. Hopefully, they help you in your wait for their final pre-hiatus album release.