A 'Frozen'-Themed Plane Exists — Yes, Really

It's the nightmare every traveling adult with a child in their life has been waiting for. People of Earth, brace yourselves because there is now a Frozen-themed plane. Yes, as in the movie Frozen, the very film that has plagued you for nearly two whole years. Who has done such a wonderful and horrible thing? Well, according to Entertainment Weekly, WestJet is behind this madness. Explained EW,

Canadian airline company WestJet has unveiled its new, Frozen-themed airplane, featuring Anna, Elsa, and Olaf. Disney artists and cast members collaborated with WestJet to design the Boeing 737, which is decorated inside and out. According to WestJet, it took the painting crew 21 days of 12-hour rotations to finish the paint job, which took more than 170 gallons of paint and includes sections of paint mixed with glitter.

Glitter, but of course. Decorative details and overall grumpiness aside, this is sort of the coolest thing ever if you're still an imaginative, wide-eyed little kid (or even just one on the inside). I mean, think about it. It takes away any and all flying anxiety via a wonderful, all-encompassing distraction. As someone who is positively petrified of flying but still does it out of necessity, I can say that this is an ingenious idea. You know, so long as they don't play, "Let It Go" the entire ride. Though, as I think about it, it seems less and less likely that they won't. Yeah, no. They're totally going to.

Anyway, here's what I imagine it's probably like to fly on a Frozen plane, good and bad.

All Of The Kids Waiting For The Pilot To Give Them The OK To Put Frozen On

Ladies and gentlemen, fasten your seat belts. This is going to be a very off-key ride.

All Of The Parents/Adults Accompanying Minors When The Alcohol Cart Passes By

All of the wine. Now.

When You're Thinking About The Tropical Vacay You're About To Head To Whilst Being Immersed In A Whimsical World Of Ice

Things could be worse.

When A Fellow Adult Passenger Breaks Your Unspoken Oath And Starts To Sing, "Let It Go" In Unison With The Kids

I thought we made a telepathic deal!

When You Get Woken Up To Re-Play The Movie Because It Just Ended

And in that moment, we are all Princess Anna.

Trying To Use The Bathroom In A Plane Full Of Kids Without Getting Barged In On

One can hope.

When You Hit Turbulence But You Have To Pretend Like You're Still Having Fun And Not Dying Inside

No outward panic attacks on this flight. Only internal ones.

When The Child You Took Thanks You For The Trip

*Sheds tear* Worth it.

Whatever. It's all for the kids, right? Because you definitely don't own the soundtrack, or the movie, or the stuffed animals... *Closes door to bedroom* No, definitely not.

Images: Disney; Giphy (8)