5 Things We Need From 'Revenge' in 2014

ABC's Revenge will air its midseason premiere on Sunday, Jan. 5 and things are going to be different — at least we hope they will. We left off with the show in mid-December with Emily Thorne just shy of finishing her longterm revenge when her new husband put two bullets in her on their wedding day. In one of the series most shocking turn of events so far, easily manipulated Daniel Grayson turned out to be the world's biggest and most unlikely wrench in Emily's elaborate plan. Go figure. Now that we've had three weeks' time to mull this one over, we need to look ahead to where Revenge will take us in 2014 with the second half of its third season.

The promos for the show's midseason premiere clued us in to another shocker — because it's Revenge and it'd be nothing without some off-the-charts dramatics — Emily Thorne has lost her memory. Or has she really? How does someone get amnesia from getting shot twice? Oh and Daniel's running around with a huge secret (which might be an understatement considering that secret is that he shot his new wife... twice) that he can't decide whether or not to confess. And somehow no one can figure out that he's the one that did it. So in the interest of keeping us satisfied with both dramatics and a decent storyline, here's what we hope will happen in the second half of Revenge's third season.

1) Emily Hasn't Really Lost Her Memory

If Emily's actually lost her memory, this could go on for way too long. Amnesia is not a fun storyline and it's just going to be a nightmare for this show and its audience. The whole premise of Revenge is Emily's mind and her ability to manipulate and calculate everyone around her. How will they go on with the main character having no idea what the hell is going on? But if she's pretending and this is just another part of the larger scheme of things — then that's something. It'll be a little predictable, but it'd be a HUGE turn of events for her to alienate everyone she's involved in her plans thus far. It'd also be a really smart move because there's more than one weak link at this point.

2) Jack Porter Goes Far, Far Away

Is it just me or has Jack Porter become the world's most annoying rider of the high horse? Speaking of the aforementioned weak links — he might be the weakest of them all. Jack's constantly got a bone to pick with someone, he's constantly trying to force his way into things that he can't handle, and all he does is complain. All. The. Time. I know, I know — he's been dealt some really shitty cards so he does have a small excuse to force his moral beliefs on the wildly immoral Emily, but it's still annoying as hell. He's too emotional, so please just send him away.

3) Nolan Takes Over

If Emily truly is indisposed and memory-less there's no one more poised to take over in her absence — it's Nolan. This would be the best change Revenge could possible make in 2014 because Nolan's always had everything he needed to take over and become a major player. Early in the series Emily asked for his help often but for some reason, especially after he took the fall and went to jail last season for the bombing at Grayson Global, Nolan's taken a back seat (mostly on his own accord). He steadily returned to his previous form during the first half of this season and if given the reigns of the operation, Nolan could definitely get shit done. (And treat us to some more great one-liners.)

4) Emily Reveals Her True Identity To Charlotte

PLEASE, GODS OF ABC DRAMAS, LET THIS HAPPEN ALREADY. Ever since Emily found out that Charlotte is actually her half-sister and a Clarke, we know she's been itching to reveal that she's actually Amanda Clarke. So just let her do it already, Revenge. Just imagine for a second what type of great television would come out of this big reveal.

5) Daniel Self-Destructs

He's a slave to his emotions, which was blatantly obvious when he impulsively shot Emily twice after finding out his ex-girlfriend and potential mistress had tried to commit suicide. Daniel's secret is going to eat at him from the inside the longer he keeps it from Emily. Sure, he could get off scot free because she "doesn't remember" what he's done but we all know that isn't enough for him. Daniel has a crippling conscious and it will destroy him and that'll be just what Revenge needs. Josh Bowman did say he was looking for an out for his character anyway, so this could be it.

Image: ABC, ForkingHollywood, Tumblr