Awesome Mom & Kid Halloween Costume Ideas

When I was growing up, my mother and I used to have the go-to Halloween costume of "adult witch and baby witch." But times, they are a changing, and mother and child Halloween costumes are only getting more creative. Halloween with a baby in-hand might be a bit different from Halloween in college/your early '20s (maybe a little less alcohol and a little more formula?), but it doesn't mean the holiday can't be as fun, especially with some hilarious and heart-warming costumes.

Whether you two are trick-or-treating with the other parents and kids or attending a party, these ensembles are ones that you two will actually want to wear. Even though I've seen some pretty adorable mother and child costumes out there — like Wilma and Pebbles, milk and cookies, and adult and baby Minnie Mouse — it's time to take your Halloween outfits to the next level. I'm talking Game Of Thrones levels.

This Oct. 31, what better partner in crime to have than your own kiddo? You can anticipate a lot of oohing and aahing, and maybe even a ribbon at the end of the night for best costumes. If not, you can sure use these photos in the future to show just how much of a cool parent you are.

1. Freaky Friday It Up

Maybe it's just me, but I've always thought it would be hilarious to dress up as a baby for Halloween, diaper included. If you want some laughs, switch up your roles and dress up as a baby/little kid, and have your child dress up as an adult. Take it one step further by dressing him or her up like a grandma/grandpa with a gray wig.

Cry Baby Adult Halloween Costume, $27.40,

I'm sorry, but how funny is this costume?

Silver Temporary Hair Color Spray, $3.99,

With just some temporary color hairspray and maybe some fake bifocals, your child will have that grandma/grandpa swag to a T.

2. The Grinch & Cindy Lou Who

Still one of my favorite Christmas movies, this film brings tears to my eyes every single time. Plus, who's cuter than Cindy Lou Who? Your kid!

The Grinch Adult Costume, $49.95-97.44,

OK, so the mask is a little scary. You can toss that if necessary, but with the hat, shirt, and Cindy Lou Who by your side, I think people will get the gist.

Christmas Girl Wig, $17.99,

With this wig plus a cape, all you have to do is finagle out of some dark red fabric and a plaid black and white dress, and you'll be there!

3. Khaleesi & Baby Dragon

For all you Game Of Thrones fanatics out there, this one's for you. The Mother Of Dragons and her babies together? It's too perfect.

How cute is that baby dragon?

Daenerys Targaryen Temperature Fiber Synthetic Hair Wigs, $20.72,

Braids are included, too.

InCharacter Baby Dinky Dragon Costume, $14.99-64.99,

The only question is: Will your child be Drogon, Viserion, or Rhaegal?

4. Kim & Baby North

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Baby North doesn't mess around with fashion, and neither does her mama.

If you want to go with the ultimate pop culture Halloween costume, this one's for you.

Missguided Thigh High Split Scuba Midi Skirt, $20.40,

Can it get any more Kim K than a bodycon nude dress?

ASOS Curve Midi Pencil Skirt In Jersey, $32.25,

Kardashian loves a good midi skirt and this one's a perfect fall color.

Lace/Tulle Tiered Ruffle Skirt, $10.99,

North loves her tutus. While she's pairing hers with a custom-made Balmain jacket, let's just forget that one little detail.

5. Victoria & David Beckham


Long live Posh Spice! This is also probably one of the easiest costumes out there. A LBD plus a children's soccer uniform, and you've got the iconic couple down to a T.

Little Black Dress, $33.99,

Halloween 2015's theme: Chic as hell.

Elbow Sleeve Sheath Ponte Dress, $69.95,

Bonus points: Throw on a pair of your biggest sunnies and put on your best Blue Steel.

Becks 23 Infant Bodysuit, $19.99,

Depending on your child's size, this onesie or a toddler Beckham jersey would be perfect for your little one.

6. The Grand Budapest Hotel

This is one costume I've been dying to try out. How cute would your little kiddo be in the lobby boy's costume?

Alfani Slim-Leg Ankle Pants, $69.50,

M. Gustave's look starts off with grey trousers, and these are perfect to wear post-Halloween, too.

JM Collection Plus Size Curvy-Fit Straight-Leg Trousers, $34.98,

An office pant for a Halloween costume? Sign me up.

Oliva Moon Ruched Sleeve Jacket, $79.50,

Plus, this is an amazing blazer for the upcoming spring months.

Lauren Ralph Lauren Plus Size One Button Blazer, $360,

Love this beautiful lilac color.

Sport Coat Boy's Classic, $16,

How cute would your little one look in this?

This dynamic duo stole my heart throughout the entire film, and there's no cuter costume than this one!

While there isn't exactly a costume replica you can buy for this one, per se, hit up your local vintage or thrift shop to find some pieces to put this look together. If you're especially handy, or know how to sew, this one's for you. If not, well, you can just admire from afar. Of course, don't forget your fake mustaches! The "Lobby Boy" hat is a quick DIY with some felt and a fabric pen.

This year, step you and your baby's games up — you'll sure be a hit with the parents and the kids.

Images: HBO; Babeslberg Studio/TSG Entertainment; Courtesy Brands