The Pixies Release New EP With Absolutely No Warning, but They're No Beyonce

Good news for those of you (all three of you?) who actually enjoyed Pixies' 2013 EP, EP-1: Like Beyoncé did so flawlessly recently, the Pixies have just released a new album, EP-2, with no prior promotion, other than the fact that EP-1 was released four months earlier, also with no promotion.

Look, I love Pixies just as much as the next '90s kid. "Where Is My Mind"? That song is one of the best things to come out of that decade, and it pretty much made the final scenes of Fight Club as perfect as they are. But Pixies, you cannot release these albums with no prior promotion and assume they will do well — especially after the band's founding member, Kim Deal, is no longer involved.

Still, that is exactly what Pixies did — the new EP, which consists of four songs available for purchase through the band's website, was just released Friday along with a new music video for one song called "Blue Eyed Hexe." The song itself has a very post-punk feel, and it's not a bad listen.

As for the tracklist, according to Stereogum, that is:

01 "Blue-Eyed Hexe"02 "Magdalena"03 "Greens and Blues"04 "Snakes"

You can check out the video for "Blue Eyed Hexe" below.

PixiesOfficialTV on YouTube