If You're Thinking of Cutting Your Hair, Read This

by Julia Teen

A new hairstyle can be like an investment purchase: it’s a big decision. While you should be trimming your ends every 6-8 weeks, many of us keep the same style for years in fear of change. But if the changing of the calendar has you considering a big chop, get down with it — just consult this list as to whether you should take the chopping plunge first.

Is your hair dead?

No matter what brands try to sell you, there is no product available that can repair split ends. Most work to repair the appearance by using silicones to bond together the strand, but this is a short-term fix. Once the hair strand is divided into two, your only option is to cut it off, so go forth.

Is your hair super-fine?

Thicker, volumized hair suits a longer, flowing cut whereas baby fine hair needs to be balanced with a blunter edge, which gives the appearance of volume. If you are on the finer side, you’ll be amazed at how much more body you can get by having a stylist take out your layers.

Is your current style a one-trick wonder?

If you find that you are doing the same top knot/straightened lengths/boring ponytail every day you are officially in a rut. It’s go time…

Is it the start of a new season?

A face-flattering new haircut is one of the easiest ways to re-rev your mood, style and outlook. Plus, a new cut every season will do wonders for your hair health.

Can you think of at least three styles you could pull off with the new cut?

Like bangs, a haircut can sometimes be an impulse decision. Do your homework and come up with three killer styles you’ll be able to pull off with your skill level. Hint: Celebrities are a great reference point. Get Pinteresting!

Are you going through a breakup?

In the immortal words of Alexa Chung and Nicole Richie: Just don’t do it.

Image: usnavy/flickr