What To Wear To A Cocktail Attire Wedding

When it comes to planning an outfit for an upcoming wedding, there are three things you should consider: The bride, the invitation, and your favorite dress. If the first two options aren't at your disposal, then it's time to fall back to figuring out how to dress for a wedding with cocktail attire. Wondering what this means? Cocktail attire is simply a semi-formal outfit. Think of this style as what you would wear to fancy dinner or a high school homecoming dance. This type of dress code is just a step above what you would typically wear to the office or on a night out. It's glamorous, yet not over-the-top.

According to Refinery29, cocktail styling usually involves shorter hemlines and sleek accessories. No floor-length gowns or white gloves here. Just simple, elegant styles and a classic, year-round dress code. This makes it super versatile in terms of seasonal dressing. Since these dresses typically have shorter hemlines, you can easily pair them with tights or boots in the winter, and strappy sandals in the warmer months. Cocktail attire is really about adding a bit of glamour to your individual sense of style. So, don't stress about choosing an outfit at your next wedding. Just focus on how chic you're going to look in the wedding photos.


1. Glam In Green

Dark Green Lace Dress, $91, Lulus

This dress has a simple, yet elegant silhouette that will keep you comfortable all night long. However, even though it's a basic shape, the hunter green color couple with the lace detailing make this dress a knockout.

2. Not Your Average Jumpsuit

Strapless Jumpsuit, $129, Bebe

As the weather begins to cool down, you may want to opt for pants or a jumpsuit at a fall wedding. This option's interesting neckline and sleek bow make it formal enough for the occasion. Add a blazer over top to finish off the look.

3. Berry Embellished

Berry Dress, $160, Modcloth

When it comes to dressing for special occasions in the fall, jewel tones are always an excellent option. These rich colors look spectacular on everyone, and really take your outfit to the next level.


1. Flaunting Florals

Floral Bodycon Dress, $39, Asos

Floral prints are lovely for spring, even if they aren't super surprising. This dark dress looks stunning against the floral print. Pair this dress with tights and a fabulous overcoat to get yourself warm at any winter wedding.

2. Lovely In Lace

Pleated Lace Dress, $29, Asos

Cocktail attire doesn't have to be boring. The detailing in the dress is absolutely phenomenal, and will have everyone fawning over your outfit. Worried about being chilly? This green dress would look great underneath a structured cape or traditional trench coat.

3. Seeing Sequins

Sequin Pencil Dress, $24, Asos

If you're heading to a wedding around the holidays, you might want to opt for a sequin dress. Not only is it eye catching, but it will fit into the theme of the overall wedding.


1. Kaleidoscope Eyes

Floral Two-Piece, $67, Lulus

Turn the traditional floral print dress on it's head by choosing a two-piece dress option. This cuts up the basic silhouette, and adds dimension to your outfit.

2. Plush Poppies

Floral Midi Dress, $39, Asos

Floral overlays are absolutely breathtaking against bright pops of color. This poppy colored dress is a great mix of fun and sophistication.

3. Artfully Abstract

Ivory Dress, $89, Lulus

Change up your traditional cocktail apparel by reaching for an abstract print. The white color adds the perfect backdrop without looking bridal.


1. Modern Elegance

Orange Midi Dress, $38, Lulus

I adore this edgy, yet simplistic look for a summertime wedding. The bright pop of color makes it eye-catching, while the cutout gives the dress a daring edge.

2. Summer Sunset

Fit & Flare Dress, $99, Asos

Imagine yourself twirling all night long in this gorgeous fit and flare. The color variation is spot on in this dress.

3. Cobalt Cutie

Cobalt Dress, $100, Modcloth

If you're looking to be a knockout at your next wedding, this is the dress for you. The floral detailing practically shrinks your waistline, while still looking classic and feminine. It's simply stunning.

When it comes to dressing for a wedding, don't overthink it. Just choose a semi-formal dress that fits your personality, and get ready to dance the night away.

Images: Courtesy Brands