How To Spot A Toxic Friend

Everyone has people in their lives who they could afford to cut, and this video shows the three friends you should get rid of immediately. Off the top of my head: mean friends, unreliable friends, selfish friends, manipulative friends, two-faced friends, and racist friends are all types of friends you can probably stop being friends with right now, and your life wont suffer for it. As someone well-versed in the "toxic" friend breakup, I can tell you that it's hard to lose a friend — no matter how terrible that friend is — but that in the long run, you'll be far better off when you have the time and energy to welcome wonderful people in your life, rather than wasting your time on someone who treats you poorly.

This video from BuzzFeed explores three types of friends you should ditch. I'm not going to reveal two of the three, so you can watch the video below to see them all, but I am going to focus on the second one, because in some ways it's the worst one: The Flake. I've been dealing with a flaky friend for years now, and it's always the hardest one to get rid of. Mean friends do things that are overtly horrible, but flaky friends are great in theory, they're just never there. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't ditch them. Here's what sucks about a flaky friend:

1. They Can Never Commit To Plans

2. They Keep You Waiting

3. They'll Ditch You If "Something Better" Comes Along

4. They Make You Feel Pretty Bad

Watch the whole video below and do some friendship spring cleaning:

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