9 Costume Ideas For People Who Hate Pants

If you hate pants, Halloween is the perfect holiday for you. Why choose a costume with scratchy, uncomfortable leg prisons when you could be wearing a pantless Halloween costume that consists of a flowing dress or skirt instead? If you have ever put on the pants that come with a Halloween costume, then you know just how terrible they really are. They're pretty much terrifying enough for their own horror movie. Often times these pants are clingy, sheer, and uncomfortable. You don't need that kind of stress in your life. Opt for a pantless outfit instead. Honestly, it'll be the best decision you make this Halloween.

Now, choosing a pantless costume doesn't mean that it has to be cheap or revealing. It just means that you'll be wearing a skirt or a dress instead. You'll forgo the tight, tacky trousers for a more comfortable, pants-free option. Who wouldn't love that? Whether you're trick or treating, or hitting the clubs, going pants-free is the best choice. You'll be able to galavant all night long without any constricting pants holding you back. Don't let pants tell you how to live your life. Here are some amazing costume ideas for those who don't want to be held back by leg coverings this Halloween.

1. Elsa

Elsa Costume, $60, Party City

You clearly don't have to wear pants once you're a queen. Why would queens bother with pants?

2. Cher Horowitz From Clueless

Cher Outfit, $50, Party City

AS IF, Cher would be caught dead in pants.

3. Golden Goddess

Divine Goddess Costume, $40, Part City

Goddesses don't wear pants, so why should you?

4. Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Costume, $50, Party City

She can stop a speeding bullet, so Wonder Woman obviously doesn't have time for pants.

5. 1920s Flapper

Flapper Costume, $40, Party City

Prohibition means "lack of pants" in Latin.*

*Not an actual fact.

6. Snow White

Snow White Costume, $90, Party City

Mirror mirror, on the wall, what princess actually wears pants at all?

7. Evil Queen

Evil Queen Costume, $60, Party City

Bow down witches! Evil queens make their own pantless rules.

8. Minnie Mouse

Minnie Mouse Costume, $50, Party City

She’s the face of a multi-billion dollar empire, and she’s never been seen in pants. Coincidence?

9. 1950s Chic

Woman's Poodle Skirt, $20, Spirit Halloween

Nothing sounds keener than not wearing pants this Halloween.

Don't suffocate behind latex and polyester leg restraints this Halloween. Opt for the pure pantless lifestyle.

Images: Courtesy Brands