Kylie & Kendall Jenner's High School Teacher Vs. A Normal High School Teacher

By now, it's pretty obvious that very few parts of Kendall and Kylie Jenner's lives bear even a passing resemblance to anything we mere mortals experience. They have far more money, way cooler sisters, and a lot more Instagram followers than most of us can ever hope to have. And now, there's something else that separates them from us: Kendall and Kylie's high school teacher. Of course, they didn't attend a traditional high school, one with lockers, inane homework assignments, and rules against using their iPhones in class. They actually had a private tutor through the Novel Education Group, named Tiffany Sorya, and she seems like the coolest teacher ever. In fact, comparing Kendall and Kylie's high school teacher to a normal high school teacher highlights exactly how much I wish I was a Kardashian-Jenner on a daily basis.

Let's face it: All though we all have happy memories and a few friends that we hang on to from that period in our lives, high school isn't necessarily something many of us would want to repeat. But for Kendall and Kylie? I don't think I would have minded going to school so much if I were in their shoes.

Upon doing some research on Tiffany (and my two favorite Jenners), I think I can officially say with confidence that she's a lot different from your typical high school teacher — especially the ones I've had.

Selfies With Her Students

And not dorky selfies, either. Seriously cute ones.

Normal High School Teachers Make You Put Your Phone Away

They don't care if you're one of the most followed people on Instagram.

She Coordinates Her Outfits With Her Students

And always looks stylish.

Normal Teachers Turn You In For Violating The Dress Code

Even if it's ridiculous that our society makes girls dress differently because their outfits can be "distracting."

She Plays With Her Students' Pets

Bambi and Norman are adorable.

Normal Teachers Make You Their Pet

And end up embarrassing you in front of all of your friends.

She Hangs Out With Her Students Outside Of School

And it always results in adorable photos.

Normal Teachers Make You Want To Hide When You See Them At Target

As Janis Ian would say ...

She Lets You Write On The Board

Dry erase markers are the best.

Normal Teachers Make You Clean The Board

But let's be real: Are whiteboards ever clean?

She Reads The Book Her Students Wrote

Impressive, right?

Normal Teachers Read The Note You're Trying To Pass

Usually out loud, for maximum embarrassment.

She Gets Super Excited About Teaching

Especially math.

Normal Teachers Are Counting Down The Days 'Til Retirement

But can you blame them?

She Uses Swear Words

She captioned this photo, "love the sh—t out of you guys." Show me a teacher who does that.

Normal Teachers Give You Detention For Using Swear Words

Really? They're just words.

She Understands The Struggle

Sometimes, you just do not want to learn.

Normal Teachers Expect You To Pay Attention At 3:00 On A Friday

Sorry, I mentally checked out sometime on Wednesday.

She Doesn't Mind When Her Students Aren't Psyched For The First Day Of School

Normal Teachers Lecture You On The Importance Of Education

Education is a pretty sweet privilege, though.

But really, normal teachers aren't that bad — they just don't want to wear matching crop tops with you, either. Once again, Kendall and Kylie win.

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