Jennifer Hudson Gave her Assistant a House & 6 Other Amazingly Generous Celebrities

Celebrities being charitable or generous is something that has the power to bring joy to our hearts over and over again, but when celebs engage in random acts of kindness, we love it even more. For example, Jennifer Hudson gave her assistant a house for Christmas. A house! We spend so much time envying stars' wealth and ease of life, it's nice to see that they're happy to share the joy in all sorts of ways, from charitable ventures to unusually generous gifts.

It's high time for a round-up of celebs who treat their employees, friends, family and exes right. You go celebrities, and keep on givin' those gifts, because when I finally befriend you, I too can expect a Maserati, a house, or really, really fabulous jewelry.

Jennifer Hudson Gave Her Assistant A House

It appears that Jennifer Hudson has a heart as big as her lungs, because when it came time for presents under the tree, J.Hud gave her assistant, Walter Williams, a house this year for Christmas. Although her assistant is, admittedly, a childhood friend, if you have ever had a friend give you a year’s living rent free, please, give me their number and a list of their favorite foods and movies. Ya know, just for reference or something.

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John Stamos Took An Ailing Girl To Disneyland

If John Stamos’s simple existence wasn’t quite joyful enough, he took a fan to Disneyland at her request. This fan had suffered from a bacterial infection that required the amputation of her legs, so John Stamos was the good guy that he is, and made her day, perhaps her week, perhaps her year. D’awwwww, isn’t that nice.

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Simon Cowell Gave His Ex A So-Long Gift Of A Mansion

I’d make some horrible joke about how you’d have to pay me to date Simon Cowell, but judging by the lavish 8 million dollar home Cowell gifted to his ex, Mezhgan Hussainy, as they parted ways, it seems that he already had that idea. Now, perhaps they parted super amicably, perhaps the house was a weird and subtle down payment on keeping things quiet about Cowell, but it doesn’t matter, because I haven’t had and possibly will never have a boyfriend who is capable of giving me a mansion as break-up collateral.

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Oprah Sent Her Employees On A Mediterranean Cruise

Oprah is infamous for her generosity, but when she sent her HARPO employees on a Mediterranean cruise that would’ve cost her over $5,000 per head, well, I’m sure HARPO received a record number of job applications that day. One of them might have been mine, I’ll never tell.

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Dr. Dre Gave $35 Million To the University of Southern California

Dr. Dre not only broke the record for the largest gift to a university ever made by a black man (although it’s sad that this is a statistic that is necessary in reporting this type of thing), he donated most of it to help create a new major and fund the educations for thousands of Los Angeles students. Furthermore, education is something he has committed even more money to through his donations to charities that aid inner-city youth. Whadda mensch.

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Adam Sandler Gave His 'Grown Ups' Co-Stars Maseratis

OK, so I feel sort of weird about this one because one extremely wealthy person giving other extremely wealthy people very fancy cars might not seem like the kind of generosity we can identify with, but hey, it’s still nice, right? Sandler gave Chris Rock, David Spade, Rob Shneider and Kevin James a brand spankin’ new Maserati each, just to say thanks for the hard work. My fellow co-workers, hear this now, you need to up your game immediately. Furniture, perfume, and designer sunglasses welcome.

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Jay Z Gave Out $50,000 Raises

What do you do when you get a tax rebate? Well, if you’re Jay Z, you dole it out generously among your employees. Jay Z gave away more than $6.4 million in bonuses, giving 80 staff members a $50,000 bonus. Oh Mr. Carter, it’s so easy to see why Beyonce would shack up with ya.

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